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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ra Sushi

Crystal was involved in meetings all day Saturday, so I decided to drive around the greater Chicago area to get some sushi and study. I went to RA Sushi, which I found in the Chicago tourist guide we picked up from our hotel front desk.

I couldn't decided what I wanted, so I started off with some sweet cold sake and hot green tea. Both were very good!

After much debate over the menu selection and a few sips of sake, I decided to try some Nigiri Sushi, yellowtail this time, and the Spicy Lobster roll.

The Spicy Lobster roll was wrapped in soy paper, lightly dusted with sesame seeds, and included:


The Nigiri Yellowtail was very tender and the rice was the perfect consistency.

Ra Sushi was so good; I had to take Crystal back for the experience. We headed there on Sunday evening after a pit-stop at Trader Joe's, of course ;) This time we ordered their signature Viva Las Vegas roll. The roll was good, but the spicy tuna and crab mixture on top of the roll was a little too much in volume.

Everything in the Vegas rolls was cooked and we wanted to get the tenderness of the fish itself. We ordered the Rainbow roll from their Maki Sushi menu. The Rainbow roll included:

*Crab mixture and cucumber
*Rolled in nori, rice, and topped with:

We held off on the pictures this night since we were just enjoying the experience, $1 hot sake(happy hour), and learning more about sushi from the helpful chef. Whilst eating our Rainbow roll, the chef produced four Nigiri style seared and peppered tuna and told us they were on the house. These were delicious...even more so because they were free! Crystal has found a new favorite.

We had a great time in Chicago and are looking forward to making some food at home as Crystal stated earlier. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. We will be checking out the places we didn't make it to next time we go...if there is any free time for Crystal :)


  1. Haha - you know there is no such thing as free time during Convention!!! You'll have to make another trip to Six Flags by yourself.

    :) Crystal

  2. That is so cool that you went to six flags! I forgot to ask you about the coasters. You know I am not a huge sushi fan, but I think it is only because I little experience with it. Maybe we can go out for sushi and you two can teach Danny and I about it. Fun?!?

  3. Rachel - yes, we should go out for sushi and we'll teach you what we have learned so far! We can try a new place as we need to move on from Tiger Sushi.



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