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Monday, July 31, 2006

Lazyman Triathalon Update #2

Welcome everyone!

Here is another Lazyman Triathlon update! In 5 weeks, we are to each:

Run: 26.2 miles
Bike: 112 miles
Swim: 2.5 miles or Row 12.5 miles

With 5 days remaining including today(Monday), here is what we have left to accomplish.

Run: 6.24 miles
Bike: 16miles
Swim: .5 miles
*Crystal did two major swim workouts to lower her total left! Good job Crystal!

Run: 3 miles
Bike: 17 miles
Row: 1.05 miles
*Ryan did a mini triathalon on Sunday completing 12 biking, 1 rowing, and 2 running miles in 55 minutes. Good job me! :)

We are so close......CHEER US ON...what if we don't have the will to finish?!?!?! ;)


  1. Go Go GO GOOOOOO!!
    You can do it


  2. Here...I couldn't find actual clips from the movie...but here's an inspiring song:

  3. Congratulations, y'all (there's my southern phrase for ya!)! Keep it up. You're almost there. And just think of all the good that this did for your bodies!

  4. Whew! I'm finally caught up on your blog. It's good to be home and back to being more connected with what's happening in my family's lives.
    You two are doing an excellent job on your triathalon. I would imagine you're going for a bike ride soon! Too bad you have to be done by this weekend. There's supposed to be some good biking trails where we're going camping.
    Thanks for leaving some salad mix in my fridge. I haven't had any yet because I needed to get to the grocery store and get some good veggies for an awesome salad. I'm going to have a salad tonight after kickboxing. I'm drooling already!

    Love You Both and Thanks for taking care of my plants and
    e-mailing people while we were gone!


  5. You go, guys! :) You seem to be doing great so far! :)

  6. You guys rock! I love this idea... I'm totally going to do one of these in the winter :) Good luck finishing - any plans for a ceremonial finish line?

  7. YAY! You can do it, both of you!!! We are here for you, athletic supporters as we are. :o)

  8. Thanks again for all the support! Funny video, Jeff :)

    Ryan and I were just talking about what our reward is at the end of all this and we weren't sure. But, we do think we'll just enjoy a weekend of camping without having to get workouts in...maybe we'll go biking since Diane says there are good biking trails. But, this biking will be for pleasure, not for miles!


  9. Go Ryan and Crystal!

    And then, have fun camping!

  10. This is such a cool it.!

  11. I could probably get the swimming done in one afternoon if I wanted to, but the running? Forget it! Good for you guys, that's awesome.


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