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Friday, July 21, 2006

3rd Crop Share

Crystal and I left for Chicago last Thursday, so we couldn't pick up our crop share. But luckily, my parents were willing to pick it up, take a picture, bag it , and place it in our fridge. All for no charge ;) It was packaged so nicely upon our return.

Here is a rundown of the box contents from last week:

*Pattypan Squash
*Collard Greens
*Salad Mix

Crystal and I are not big fans of dill. We bought a spring mix from the grocery store once that contained dill, and upon consumption we learned that dill is not for us. Maybe dill is the reason for my deep dislike of pickles...dill pickles...ugggggggg.

We continue to enjoy our crop share immensely and will most likely sign up for a full share next year rather than the half share. This week we learned, from our recent crop share newsletter, that carrot greens are edible. Sweet!

Thanks for all the support for our Lazy Man Triathalon!


  1. I think my wife would FREAK if my parents were in our condo while we were away! lol

  2. edible carrot tops... never heard such a thing. I did a taste one time and found them bitter. It would be interesting to see what you do with them.

  3. Eyew, i don't like dill either. I love pickles though. The same way i don't like peanuts but i love creamy peanut butter. I'm weird like that!

    Love whatcha bought!!!

    What a tragedy. My love for pickles probably runs as deep as your dislike.

  5. do you want to know my secret?
    I've never eaten fresh beets in my entire life..eeekk


  6. How nice of your parents! You're lucky they didn't run off with your food - I would have! :o)
    I've never heard of a CSA around here, but I think I'll investigate. How fun that must be not knowing what you're getting. It's a surprise every week.
    I like dill. You don't like a nice creamy dill dip for veggies? So good! It would have to be my husband's favorite herb. Now, cilantro for me...that's another story.
    Did you go running today? Biking? Swimming? What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking!

  7. Not a dill pickle fan either! Pickles is not something I have learned to like. Yuk!

  8. Jeff - responded on your site

    Dori - we actually put some carrot tops in the collard greens on our Eggplant post. They were similar to the collards, so they fit right in.

    Kleo - I'm with you on the liking pickles, but not the dill. Ugh...I get the shivers just thinking about the dill.

    Catherine - Ryan HATES pickles. Did I say that he hates them? :)

    Teddy - you must try beets! I haven't posted yet, but we tried them and they are good!

    Carrie - I think if Diane wasn't leaving for Canada in a few days, she would have taken more :) She got away with a cucumber, some carrots, a bit of greens and those raspberries!!

    YES - went swimming Sunday;)

    Rach - I didn't know that you disliked pickles!

  9. I hate all pickles, but those sweet ones.


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