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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Too Pretty to Eat? - Tejas

Last night we went out to eat at Tejas in Edina on 50th and France. This is a great area, like a small community of unique shops and restaurants. Of course, most of it is quite expensive, but Tejas is worth it! Not only is their food great tasting, but they present it in a very appetizing way. Everything was excellent, from their drinks to the guacamole (prepared tableside) to the main meals.

We were joined by Ryan's parents and his sister so we were able to try a bunch of dishes and drinks. Here's some of what we ordered:

White Bean and Black Bean Soup with Epazote and Jalepeno Cream. The contrasting soups are poured into the bowl at the same time to create the half and half look.

The Three-Tomato Bruschetta with red and yellow tomatoes, green tomatillos, kalamata tapanade and goat cheese.

Goat Cheese Enchilada served with a mango habanero salsa, fresh corn tortillas, grilled asparagus, and cashews. This really had a lot of flavors going on and was quite good.

Blue Crab Taco with jicama, red onions, yellow peppers, fresh corn salsa and a basil mint relish. Very light and flavorful.

Barbecued Pork Tamale with Apricot-Almond Chutney and Sweet Potato Shoestrings. This is only my 2nd time having a tamale and it was quite good. Too bad I was stuffed and couldn't finish it all. It came on a bed of barbecue sauce which provided a good amount of spice.


  1. I love the yin/yang look to that soup! What did ya'll have to drink?

  2. Ah-ha - the big question...
    Dos Equis and Coronas for the guys and margaritas and daquiris for the girls. The margaritas were fantastic! I'm traditional and like orginal flavors but I tried some of Diane's mango margarita and Rachel's strawberry daquiri and both were so fresh tasting (vs. syrupy)!

    I've never been able to try their drinks since I always go there on business lunches. I'm all about having drinks there again.


  3. Fun times, good food, good drinks and, best of all, time spent with the family!!!!

    Love You,


  4. Wow! That stuff looks amazing. The soup, the enchilada, the bruschetta....all look tasty! I love margaritas. Original of course, like you.

  5. That was really fun! I went to El Loros the next day with Danny for lunch and we each had a massive margerita and had to take naps after. You know- mid day drinking puts me to sleep. But Tejas got me on a margerita kick again. I forget how good they are in the summer. I acually had one at Billys on Grand last night too!

  6. I have to our house, Steph will be the one drinkin' the beer while I go for the fruity drink! 'cause I like cold beverages YEAH!


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