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Thursday, June 8, 2006

Much needed R&R!

I laugh at the title of this post - in my line of work, R&R means "recruitment and retention", but this time, I'm using it for its true meaning: "rest and relaxation"! Ryan and I are headed to LaCrosse, Wisconsin for the weekend. Why LaCrosse?, you ask. Well, we went to school down there for 3 years and when Ryan's company gave him an all expenses paid local trip for Christmas, we decided to go back to LaCrosse. We will be staying downtown on the river, which I'm excited for. When we lived in LaCrosse, our apartment was within walking distance of downtown, but not in downtown, so it will be a neat treat.

Although we don't have anything planned, we hope to meet up with old friends, shop at a farmer's/flea market, eat at our favorite restaurants (Fayze's here we come!!) and shop at some of our favorite stores that they don't have in Minneapolis/St. Paul. We'll also enjoy observing the changes that have taken place over the last few years on the campus and around the city. It's a peaceful place to live - well, if you're not living in a college apartment!

Sorry for the lack of posts - if you really need to know, we had pizza on Tuesday and grilled burgers last night with our friend, Aaron. Aaron is heading to London for a month and stopped by to get our recommendations (we used to live in London for awhile). We are very jealous!

So, anyway, we'll be back and cooking on Monday and probably tired from eating out so much.

I do have one question before I go: What summer vacations do you have planned?

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Summer vacation? Is there such a thing? I haven't travelled in ages. I think I'm going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming with the family I nanny for in August, and my friend Marie may be coming to visit me, but I'm not going anywhere myself. I'm jealous!

  2. I'll be calling you both tomorrow, but just wanted to say "HAVE FUN"!

    Love You,


  3. We love to travel too. Last year we went to WY, MT and SD, the year before- CA. We normally go late June-early July, but this year, no plans yet. We talked about going local this year, but haven't come up with anything yet. Any suggestions?

  4. Oh, and have an awesome R&R!

  5. have a great time. Take pictures of your food.

    I'm going on vacation for a week in the Muskoka's (north of Toronto).

  6. My husband and I are going to do a road trip in Tennessee this year maybe at the beginning of Sept. I am so excited to finally see Memphis and Nashville. Last year we went to London for 10 days (my husband's first time there!) but we decided to do something less expensive this year. Plus we'll probably be at down on Cape Cod 2 or 3 weekends at my parents' house there. I CANNOT WAIT. I am in such a need of a vacation.

  7. I hope you both had a lot of fun in Lacrosse. It is a great city! My summer vacation? Either Vegas or camping with you two. Maybe Boston?!? Who knows, we'll see if we make it anywhere for real. Too bad I wont see you two at Rick and Anettes Mon. Oh-well. Talk to you soon. Love you-

  8. Woo hoo! We're back and I can respond to your comments and see where everyone is going!

    Catherine - :( You need more trips planned! Ryan and I travel a decent amount, but have never been to Wyoming. I'm sure it's beautiful there.

    Kaivegan - Hmmm...ideas that are local - Duluth is always a great family getaway. You can hike in Gooseberry Falls, enjoy the parks, etc.

    We also love Des Moines-I worked a contract job there and started to love the city.

    I don't think you drink, but if you do, Missouri has a great wine country right outside of St. Louis and there are beautiful views.

    Megan - Muskokas sounds cool - is it a cabin type vacation spot?

    Emily - I was just in Memphis in April and it was really cool. You'll of course have to check out Beale Street and listen to some Blues.

    Rachel - I know! I want to see ick and netter's new house, but we have a lot of at-home work to get done. Bummer. Have fun!!


  9. I thought you were veg! Well, we do have aspiring vegetarians on our poll...teehee

    I always love the pictures you post here.

    Happy Monday


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