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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lesson Learned: Read the Recipe!

Last night Ryan made dinner since I had some reports to work on for my volunteer job. The reports are due on Thursday and I'm determined to turn them in on time!

We planned to make Lemon Pulihora (Indian Lemon Rice) from Vegetarian Times magazine. We even bought a very large bag (about 20 cups) of channa dal (dry split chickpeas) when we only needed 1/4 cup. Yes, we have channa dal for life! My first sign that I should have read the recipe.

So, I'm in our office typing away on my reports and Ryan comes upstairs and says, "Crystal...did you read the recipe?" Well, of course I did ;) "Because it says to let the rice mixture sit for 2 hours so the flavors meld." Uh...oops! We didn't have 2 hours to sit around and wait for dinner since it was already late. Second sign that I should have read the recipe! We agreed that we'd eat the Lemon Pulihora for lunch the next day and luckily, Ryan was able to whip up some tacos right quick so we could still eat dinner.

Lesson learned - read the recipe all the way through...including the last sentence!! I did take a taste of the dish and it was very good; something to look forward to at lunch.


  1. Looks tasty! You'll have to give me the recipe. I'll be glad to take some of your lifetime supply of channa dal off your hands!! Thanks goodness for the old, quick recipes!!

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!!


  2. I totally do that all the time and then i'm like, whoops! Looks yummy though!

  3. eh...2 hours 2 smowhers...I still would've had some as it looks great :D

  4. Well, lunch rocked!

    My problem is that I DO read the recipes, but somehow always miss something. I also blatantly disregard recipes, when I know I shouldn't. I always got,"Taylor needs to follow directions" in red ink on my papers.

  5. looks like a great lunch ~ i need to learn that "reading a recipe all the way through" lesson again...

  6. looks like a delicous dinner...uh, lunch! i need to learn that "reading a recipe all the way through" lesson again...

  7. Diane - I'll bring a bag of chana dal with me tonight! I'll e-mail you the recipe.

    Emily - At least it turned out and was still edible versus missing an entire ingredient!

    Jeff - you might have the stomach patience that I lack - when I need food, I need food :)

    Taylor - funny...I usually do follow directions quite well, but in my last work review my former manager said I go against management's orders. Maybe I'm becoming a bit defiant as I get older...or maybe my former boss sucked...

    Vicki - :) We all need that lesson reminder now and then!



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