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Monday, June 12, 2006

LaCrosse Trip

Well, we are back from LaCrosse and had a fantastic time! Ryan and I had so much fun - we travel very well together and everything tends to flow well no matter where we are.

LaCrosse is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from the Twin Cities, so it's pretty reasonable. I won't bore you with all the details from our trip, but I will highlight a few things. In addition, LaCrosse, Wisconsin isn't the culinary capital of the world, so we don't have any food pics, although we did eat a lot of food!

On to the highlights:

*Our room had a hot tub which helped relieve sore muscles from all the walking we did AND our room was right on the Mississippi River with a great view.

*Ryan discovered Red Beans and Rice at Buzzard Billy's - we will definitely be making these from scratch (any recipe suggestions??)

*Fayze's didn't disappoint - we ate there twice for breakfast and once for dinner. Yeah for Strawberry Stuffed French Toast, Eggs Benedict, Apple Cinnamon French Toast, and the Diablo Sandwich! They have their own bakery and anything breadlike is awesome.

*We tried a new Mexican restaurant: Los Tres Compadres. They had the hottest salsa I've ever had. So, we ordered the guacamole to cool us dice, that was as hot as the salsa. Finally, we won with sour cream - no spices in that stuff. We did not order food there in fear we'd never be able to taste again.

*Big thumbs up to The Wine Guys, which is a new wine shop and wine bar conveniently located near our hotel. We went there twice - once for an organic Riesling...well, and then again for another organic Riesling and some late harvest wine (not the whole bottle this time!)

*We discovered a new shop called Simply Living which was a green shop. I bought a watermelon seed bracelet and nut tree rings for both Ryan and myself. I'll have to take pics of these and post those later. They are really neat.

AND for the big finale...

*Del's and their Famous Bloody Mary's!! Yeah, we went here 3 times over the weekend. We've been here several times in the past, but this is the first time I've drank an entire Bloody Mary and boy are they good! Mom- did you hear that? I finished an entire Bloody Mary...3 times!

I think I have a hunch on their secret seasoning and will have to experiment. Here is what's in the rest of the drink: vodka, worcestshire sauce, pickle juice, tomato juice; all topped with 2 pepperjack cheese cubes, a brussel sprout, an olive, and a pickle spear.

You also get a beer chaser with your Bloody Mary. Now, I'm not a beer drinker, but I guess I was this last weekend because I couldn't get enough of the Pearl Street Brewery's Downtown Brown and El Hefe. They were just perfect. We really wanted to take some home, but I guess it's a newer local thing and they don't have a bottler yet.

So, if you couldn't tell, Del's was our favorite place for the weekend. The bartenders were favorite was the non-meathead who worked on Sunday. Very chill and Cheech&Chong-like and into the same music we are. Thanks to him, we found out about a new Minneapolis band called Downlow.

As you can see, we had a blast. We'll always have a special place in our hearts for LaCrosse and the simplier times that existed while we lived there. We miss our friends being so close, we miss seeing the same people several times in a weekend and the friendly faces around the city. But, in all reality, we need more hustle and bustle to keep us going. So, the Twin Cities suit us perfectly. Back to life...back to reality :)


  1. Your weekend sounds just perfect! Glad you both had fun :)

  2. Rachel - it would be fun if you, Danny, me and Ryan go down to LaCrosse for a night and bar hop. We could rent a room and just go one night. We could go once school starts up again - it would be kinda crazy down there.


  3. Looks like everything made for a perfect weekend. Ron and I will have to plan a get-away there sometime. Glad you could get away and enjoy reflections from the past and make new memories!! I think it would be really nice if the four of you could go sometime!!

    Love You Both,


  4. Loved reading your blog about the weekend (long-ago by now) in La Crosse. Really made me long for my college days in that great, simple city. What did you ever decide was in the Del's Bloody Mary?? I haven't had a bloody like that since i left!!

  5. Hey Crystal!

    My wife and I are in our late 20's and we were down at Del's Saturday night, July 7th and we have been there quite a few times in the past, (pre-marriage). On Saturday night we were headed down to Big Al's for pizza and I said...why don't we stop at Del's for a Mary!?!? Well, one lead to three and they were awesome! Eric the bartender made mine extra spicy and I had a nice little buzz after we walked out of that place about an hour later. They are honestly thee best BMary's I have ever had in my entire life. Each year we get them at Del's too and sit just down the road there for the Oktoberfest parade.

    I totally agree with you and I am glad you had a good time.

    -Travis in La Crosse

  6. Hi Crystal, I came across your blog searching for Dels bloody mary. I finished school at uw-lax about 4 years ago and now live in Milwaukee. I still crave del's blood marys. I finally got a tip from a friend of a friend who used to work at the food co-op where del's buys their spices and she remembered that it was called something like zip or zing. So I was in town for a wedding and my first stop was dels, second was the wedding, and then on the way home stopped at the co-op. we found the spice but they didn't have much left so my boyfriend asks a worker there if he knows what spices del's buys..and all of a sudden they think we are there to pick up del's order. so after they come out with a few boxes for us, i grab the 5lb jug on top say this is all i need and run to the check out. $45 later, I'm looking at the label in the car and realize that all it is is a spice called spike that you can find at any grocery store. aside from the $45 set back, I was still thrilled that I finally had the secret to making my own del's bloody mary from the comfort of my own home in milwaukee. or so i thought. I have still yet to mix one that tasted anything like it. I've come to the conclusion that it has to do with the brand of pickle juice and the fact that i'm a horrible drink maker. also, there may or may not be one other spice that dels also buys and mixes in with the spike. so to make a long story short, if you have come across the perfect way to mix a dels bloody mary, please put me out of my misery and let me know!!! Give the spike a try, i'm sure its the right seasoning, all the little spices floating in my drink look just like dels. my email is Hope to hear from you!


  7. Just came across your blog and as I started reading it I thought "I hope they made it to The Wine Guyz" ... glad to see you did! Make sure and stop in next time you're in town ... we go down there most Saturdays for a couple glasses of wine & good conversation! Fun place! The owner, Dan, is one of the most knowledgeable people on the subject of wine I have ever met. He knows absolutely EVERYTHING! Spread the word if you know anyone heading our way in the future!


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