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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Greek Dinner

Monday night we had my cousin, Jessie and her 4 month old daughter over for dinner. First of all, her daughter is super cute and we had fun watching her go through her emotions. Second, it was really good to see Jessie as we used to see each other more often but lately it's been busy for both of us.

For dinner, I made Greek Grilled Chicken with Greek Salad and Spanikopita. I LOVE this meal! It is so light and has a lot of great veggies too.

I made a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice and zest, fresh oregano, red wine vinegar and garlic. I used 1/4 of the dressing for the marinade and reserved the rest for the salad.

Ryan grilled the chicken while I made the salad of lettuce (romaine and red leaf), cucumbers, tomatoes, kalamata olives, red onions and feta cheese. This was all served on a pita drizzed with the dressing.

I had also made spanikopita with phyllo dough, feta cheese, spinach, and onion. I rolled them up versus serving it as a "pie". Yum!

We have plenty of leftovers for lunches which I am excited about.


  1. OMG I want some of those spanikopita right now! I have never used phyllo dough- was it easy?

  2. The spanikopita looks mighty yum, but all pales in comparision to that salad. I love Greek salad. I actually bought some olives today with the intention of making one. You must have sent me telepathic messages and for that I thank you.

  3. Emily - If we had any left, I could have frozen it and sent it to you,'s all long gone! Geez, just thinking about it makes me want it again.

    Carrie - that's awesome you were thinking of it. What kind of dressing do you use with your salad? Not that it needs much with all the yummy veggies, but I'm always looking for new ideas.

    Oh...and I never really cared for olives much, but did start to like the Kalamata kind because of this salad. (well, and because of blue cheese stuffed olives...couldn't resist the blue cheese)

  4. I'm commenting on several posts here, but first, your pizza looks delicious..

    second, I really love the pic of the produce for your lettuce wraps.. I've done those with tofu before and they are really great.
    third, your spanikopita looks awesome.. your rolling technique is very good..

  5. the spanakopita's looks great. I've made mini spanikos before, but never rolled them up like that before. Yum

  6. Great tag team effort! Steph and I are always bumpin' into each other in the kitchen...well..maybe that isn't such a bad thing given that we're married and all ;)

  7. Yummm, your blog makes me hungry now! Looks fantastic. Good job.

    Thanks for coming by my blog. A sake bomb is a shot of sake and a half glass of japanese beer. Drop the shot glass of sake into your beer glass and chug the beer w/o stopping. Try it. It's good. But also a good way to get WASTED!

  8. I LOVE spinach foods but have never made spanikopita. This WHOLE meal looks SOOOO good! I'll have to try spanikopita some time. The only time I've used phylo is to make a raspberry pear dessert which is DELICIOUS!

  9. Lucky me!!! I've had this meal at your house. I have yet to make it here, though. It will be soon, especially after being enticed with these great pictures!

    Love Ya,


  10. Melody - thanks, thanks and thanks! Good to know that I can use tofu - did you use a marinade too?

    Megan - ooh, mini's sound very good - something I should make for appetizer nights

    Jeff - our whole life is a tag team effort.

    Valerie - you rock! Thanks for letting me know...I've been wondering this for years. We are having sake bombers this weekend now!

    Claire - Phyllo pear dessert? Sounds awesome. Thanks for stopping by!

    Diane - this is a winner dinner (haha that rhymed).


  11. yeah, you are going to have to send me that spanikopita recipe. I want to overcome my fear of phyllo!

    you can send it to me at thatgirlemily AT livejournal DOT com.
    Thank you!!

  12. This meal sounded sooo yummy. I love Greek food, but rarely cook it, despite having a good cookbook at hand. Good idea to roll up the spanokopita instead of serving it the usual way.


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