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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gnocchi with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

We had planned on making some gnocchi for Sunday evening dinner, but the weather was too good not to grill! So, we moved the gnocchi to a side dish and figured we'd have more leftovers for lunches. We ran to the store and picked up some hot dogs and asparagus to grill.

I've been working on this gnocchi recipe for quite some time. It started with an alfredo type sauce, chicken, and sun-dried tomatoes. Now, it's a bechemel sauce (butter, milk, flour, nutmeg), sundried tomatoes, no chicken, spinach, parsley, and mushrooms served over whole-wheat gnocchi.

Next time I'd like to try this with soy milk and Earth Balance and see how it turns out. Does soymilk thicken well? Any tips?

Here's a picture of the final product. Not really the best match for grilled food, but it was still very good!!


  1. Soy milk may or may not thicken well. Usually it does and better than most regular thin milks, but it really depends on the brand.
    If you want to get the sauce super rich and greamy, you can look for some soy cooking cream. I have used it a number of times and even if you cannot whip it to get whipped cream, it still makes a great thick cream medium for liquid sauces.

  2. Okay . . . another term I don't know. Whole wheat gnocchi. Looks interesting, but I couldn't begin to guess exactly what it is.
    Looking forward to anything you need to clean out of the fridge and part of your crop share before you go to Atlanta!!

    Love You,


  3. i've been wanting to try making some gnocchi ~ looks great, though i'd have to skip the 'shrooms. You could throw in a pinch of cornstarch (or arrowroot flour if you can find it) to help thicken if needed....

  4. this look sdelicious! I love gnocchi

  5. Crystal, I've made vegan creamy roux-based sauces before, and they've turned out fine. (I've even used whole-wheat flour as the thickener!) Like any roux-thickened sauce, just add the liquid a little at a time, until you get the right consistency! You can always thin it later -- but you can't take moisture back out!

  6. soy milk thickens up nicely. Especially the cheaper brands that still have the fat in them. I used to use them exclusively when I was a vegetarian. When I switched to milk, I noticed that my sauces no longer had a nutty flavor which I missed. Sometimes I still use them for the extra nut layer.

  7. I'm a big gnochi fan but my boyfriend hasn't really had it before. I want to wow him with a good recipe when I have him try it. The mushroom sauce looks like a good idea!


  8. Gnocchi, yum! You can definitely veganized the sauce. If it is too watery just add a thickener...some corn starch, arrow root, flour---whatever you got!

  9. t., vicki, catherine, jody - thanks for the ideas on doing the sauce differently. We'll see how it turns out :)

    chrispy - interesting, I never thought of a nutty flavor, but it makes sense!

    Teddy - I think of gnocchi as a manly food since it has potatoes in it. I'm sure your boyfriend will like it. Once you get the bechemel base going, you can pretty much add anything you want to the sauce.

    jenjen - thanks for stopping by! I agree with you, it is delicious

    diane - I have some leftover you can have when you pick me up for the airport :)

  10. Gnocchi! This makes me laugh because Danny didn't like his gnocchi at noodles and co. and now it groses him out! He'll have to try one of your good recipes so that he doesn't hate it forever!


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