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Monday, June 5, 2006

Cricket Match and Grand Old Day

Sunday was another beautiful day here in Minnesota. As planned, Ryan and I headed out to the cricket match of my new hire. We weren’t exactly sure what time it was at or where it was, but we were determined to find it. Luckily, our research paid off and we found the field on our first try. My new hire was super excited that we came to his match and was more than happy to explain all the rules to Ryan. Turns out we were quite late as the match ended 20 minutes after we arrived, so next time I’ll find out the exact start time and go to an entire match! (I'll also take pictures next time)

Since we were out and about, we headed over to Grand Old Day in St. Paul. It’s an annual event to get everyone in St. Paul out and onto the street. They close down a large portion of Grand Avenue for a parade, live music, food vendors and other entertainment. It’s also a large drinking event, but luckily, we didn’t go for that portion of the festivities because the drinking areas were packed! We did stroll up and down Grand stopping for some good food and listened to a bit of music.

I bought a CD by Ecuador Manta - my brother-in-law is from Ecuador. It was also a good chance to visit Ryan’s sister since she works on Grand. She gave us cold waters and let us use the restroom (way better than the Biffs!)

We didn’t do much for dinner since we grazed throughout the day, but we did make some tortilla chips and guacamole. Ryan made a lime and salt mixture that we dipped the chips in. Then we let the lime juice evaporate, brushed the chips with oil and baked for 12 minutes. They were very crispy which is difficult to eat with braces, so we'll try frying them next time.

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