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Friday, June 16, 2006

1st Crop Share is HERE!

Wow! That's about all I keep saying to myself after picking up our first crop share of the year. Let me back up a bit...

Last year I considered doing a crop share, but decided it was too costly at the time for us. So, when the idea rolled around again this year, I looked into it. I reviewed the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) guide and immediately was sold on the idea and the farm I wanted to support. It just makes sense to have fresh and local produce where money and time isn't wasted on packaging, transportation, and distribution. As for the choice of Loon Organics, it seemed like a natural decision. First off, they are organic; second, the farm is one of the only ones near us in the city of (get ready for it...) Farmington. Hee hee, I love it. And best of all, it is run by two people our age! Loon Organics is run by Laura Frerichs and Adam Cullip and they have a great training background. The farm is in its second year and they seem to be doing very well (check out their blog on our links).

So, we signed up months ago and have been waiting for this day. Since this was our first time doing a crop share - we actually signed up for a half share where we get a full share every other week - we weren't sure what to expect. We got home, unpacked our box and were amazed at how great everything looked. All of the produce is prewashed for us, so it was ready to go. We grabbed some peas right away and they were fantastic. Now we are just wondering how we are going to eat all of this - guess we have to share with friends and family!

Here's what was in the box:
*green garlic (kinda cut out of the pic-sorry)
*garlic scapes (in the middle of the pic)
*2 heads lettuce - I think it's romaine and red leaf
*Spring mix (swiss chard, beet greens, baby lettuce and spinach)
*Baby Spinach
*Red Kale
*Snow Peas
*Blue Potatoes (a bag of them)

Time to start thinking of recipes to use these up and share with Loon Organics. (what a cool name too, huh?) Suggestions are very welcome!!


  1. Wow...beautiful veggies!! Btw...I'm gonnna link you guys up as well...I love your blog as well :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving a comment! I just joined a CSA, too, and posted a picture of my first delivery. I'll look forward to reading about your CSA adventure as I go on my own!

  3. Lovely veggies! Oh, I so miss having a garden.

    My business partner lives on a farm - goat meat farm, but they have veggies too - and the amount of food is a bit overwhelming. Yesterday she was eating raw cauliflower, broccoli and radishes for lunch with no sauce because it's what's ready and overflowing. It's a great diet plan!

  4. I am a the organic whole grain baker for a local CSA. Yeah CSA!!!

    With those greens, tear and combine to put together a great green salad. Place the salad in a slightly damp towel and store in the frig. Open the towel and grab a handful of greens for every meal... including breakfast scrambles and smoothies.

    I have a good spanish style kale and potato soup I am making this week to use some kale. Spanikota is good with spinach or kale. I have an easy recipe posted today... try a green smoothie with that spinach, I was shciked that I liked it. Snow peas, garlic.... just eat them plain or get your self a good stir fry plan. The radishes sliced thin can go well in a salad... you have an english breakfast variety there, they are mild.

    Rinse your produce and store them in an old pillow case, stick in the crisper portion of your frig and they shoudl last you all week. If they wilt, just rinse with cold water and put them back in there or spray the pillow case with a little water.

    The blue potatoes are just regular potatoes with a weird color. Slice them and fry, nuke, potato slad them...french fry them.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Oops I spotted typos I need to correct... I was "shocked" I liked green smoothies.

    Eat snow peas plain Or stirfry with that garlic. Don;t eat garlic plain... unless you are trying to keep vampires away.

  6. This is so much fun! I know that you two have been waiting for a long time for your crop share. I will be interested to hear the unique ways you will use them. See you both tomorrow fo Father's Day. Glad we could work out a time that work's well for all of us. :)

  7. Looks great! Dori has great suggestions up there.. I'll have to do the pillowcase thing here..

    Borsht with the beets would be great.. I like to steam Kale leaves and use them for roll-ups instead of tortillas.. and of course, juicing if you have a juicer..

    I would eat as much as you can raw, because it is so fresh and looks awesome.. salad is your new best friend! With Kale, you can make a vinaigrette with a lot of vinegar and use that to wilt it a bit if you don't want to cook.. If all else fails, cook it up and freeze some of it for later!

  8. wheresmymind -
    Thanks for linking us! This is Ryan by the way and I enjoy reading your blog as well.

    amltese parakeet-
    It looks like you received a bit more veggies than we did. But then again, we are in Minnesota! So far, CSA is great!

    Our menus will be revolving around our crop share for sure. And yes...a great diet plan!

    Thanks for all the tips! I would love to get baked goods along with my box...yum...yum. I actually wish all my food were accessible at one location. The spanikopita looks great. Thanks for putting that in my mind!

    see ya tomorrow sis

    I have been picking leaves of lettuce and just munching on them. Lettuce is our new friend for sure.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!

  9. Lovely veggies! I may look into a crop share around here for next year, surely they have them in KY.

  10. Crop shares are totally worth it! The must have them in KY. Let us know if you ever join one...I love hearig what other people get in theirs.

  11. I just ran across your blog. I just started receiving my CSA share this month also. This inspired me to do something that I had been wanting which was to start a blog. So happy Experimenting.


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