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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

10 Pounds of Berry Picking

This last weekend was wonderful! Friday night Ryan and I went to the salon and got our hair cut (mine is really short now) and tooled around town.

Saturday night was a surprise 1/2 birthday party for one of our friends and it was actually kept a surprise by all 87 invited guests. Wow, that's a first! Normally someone spills the surprise right away. It was a crazy party - one minute I'm networking with one of the parents; next minute, the parents are doing keg stands!

Before the party, Ryan wanted a light salad and asked me to just whip something up. The pressure was on!! So, I started with a bunch of greens, searched through the fridge and came up with this:

-Asian pear matchsticks
-fresh mozzarella cheese
-sauteed pearl onions

I also threw together a bunch of stuff for the dressing: sunflower butter, orange juice, olive oil, red wine vinegar, onion plant tops (similar to scallions), and a bunch of basil. It was a success - Ryan was very happy.

Sunday was a beautiful day; we had Ryan's parents over for breakfast sandwiches. Then we headed out for berry picking at Lorence's Berry Farm, which is only 20 minutes south of our house. Neither Ryan nor I had been strawberry picking before (maybe when we were little kids), but wanted to check it out since we finally caught the season. Usually we miss it by a couple weeks. Boy was it fun! We couldn't stop picking strawberries and figured most of them would be going in the freezer for smoothies. By the time we were done, we had over 10 pounds of strawberries!

Then, we heard they were also allowing raspberry picking - the first of the season! So, we headed across the street to start hunting for those. Since the ripe raspberries were rare, we ended up with a couple pints of raspberries. I think at least another pint ended up in our mouths - too good!!

Here a few of the strawberries that were a bit mutated. It was fun finding these odd ones.

Strawberry season is only for a couple more weeks, so we probably won't make it back again. However, we are planning on going raspberry picking again! Yum, yum, yum!


  1. Lovely strawberries.. I love the mutant berries.. hehe..

  2. woweee, you weren't kidding, you DO have a ton of berries!!! :)

  3. Melody - hehe - I love the mutant berries too. I haven't eaten one yet, but we did freeze them (as entertainment at parties, of course!)

    Dreena - Yes-sir-ee. Tons of berries!


  4. So incredibly jealous of you.

  5. I just got caught up with all the postings and I am so hungry! I love all the pictures and surely wish I could make all of the recipes. I will get the courage up to make the sloppy lennies and I have made the fries but yours sound better. Maybe next summer i will have a herb garden too. You know Jim only likes "mashed potatoes, meat and gravy", not very inspiring. That's why we eat out so much. Keep up the good work! I love it.

  6. Looks like both have been doing some wonderful stuff with your CSA goods. I have really enjoyed looking at your posts.

    Aren't the blue potatoes a hoot!

    I have done alot of freezing strawberries and raspberries this past couple of weeks, we finally had enough of our own growing this year to do something with.

    Congrats on that rhutabaga identification, you two veggie buffs!

  7. beautiful berries! and way to go on the spur of the moment salad ~ looks yummy!

  8. I have'nt been berry picking since I was a kid. I do miss it. You've inspired me to go again. In Rhode Island Blueberry picking will begin in early July. I think I'll give it a shot.
    Come visit Mixed Salad Annie when you get a chance.

  9. Grandma - I'm so glad you got a chance to visit the site. Yes, I sure know Jim likes his meat and potatoes - such a farmer! Hopefully he'll have some leftover corn for us this fall ;)

    Dori - that's so cool that you have your own berries to freeze. Someday we'll have a yard that is technically ours so we can plant (we're in a townhouse now).

    Vicki - now Ryan knows he can "throw" together a salad too and he'll do his own next time.

    Annie - I'll stop by your site. Blueberry picking is something I have not done yet. One of these summers for sure!


  10. Crystal -

    Those raspberries you gave me at kickboxing . . . well, I started eating them while I was waiting at the light on Highway 13 to turn onto County Road 5. I couldn't have been there more than like two minutes, maybe three, and I delved into the raspberries. They were so good that I could only muster up the courage to stop when there were like only ten left. I figured I better give a few to Ron. Of course, I could have just not told him about them, but that wouldn't be fair. I think you said you washed them. If not, oh well!!
    Also, the Paella (if I have the right name) was really tasty. That's the same stuff you gave me before and the recipe, right? Ron really liked it too, so now I know I can make it for dinner or whenever.

    Love You Tons,


  11. I love berry season and wish it would last a bit longer. We go picking every year and I also freeze a lot for the winter. I'm usually 3-4 hours of hulling, washing & packing, but come February, I'm glad I did.

  12. aww a surprise bday party with 87 people?! that would be a DREAM bday for me. How nice of you!
    The real question is, are you nice enough to give me some of those BERRIES??


  13. The parrty was soooo fun! I was so glad that you two were there to hang with. I ate some of your raspberries today at mom and dads and they are soooo good! I could have kept eating them and eating them :) I love the disfiguered strawberries. It would really be funny to use those as a garnish for a daquari or something :)


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