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Friday, May 26, 2006

Sloppy Lennies

Last night we planned on preparing Sloppy Lennies before heading to Canterbury for a few races, but apparently we didn't plan very well. Dollar Thursdays(the reason we wanted to go) do not start until June 1st! This also means no Thursday racing until then either. I guess we should have checked the schedule. Oh well, we stayed at home with this very good meal and watched Memoirs of a Geisha instead.

I made the Sloppy Lennies recipe from Leslie's version at eatpeaceplease and Crystal made some fries. We only had ¾ cup of red lentils, so I added ¼ cup regular brown lentils to reach the full cup. I totally forgot to put any basil in even though we have five plants growing out side…oh well, more for another recipe. Next time I am going to add a little more tomato sauce and water to bring the liquid level up just a bit.

As for the fries, Crystal just cut up some potatoes into strips, drizzled them with olive oil, and sprinkled on some shallot salt we picked up from Penzy Spices a few weeks back. The fries cooked for about 25 minutes at 450 and were flipped around the 15 minute mark. They turned out perfect last night!

As usual, last nights dinner serves as todays lunch. These Sloppy Lennies don't even need to be warmed up to be good.

Have a good Memorial weekend everyone!


  1. Sloppy Lennies rock! And I love homemade fries. I sort of chuckled when I read about you forgetting the basil. I do that too. I have a whole bunch of fresh herbs and for some silly reason, just forget them.
    We had our long weekend last weekend and the weather was sort of crummy. I hope you get some sunshine. Enjoy!

  2. The recipe called for dried basil, but why use dry when you have fresh? As I was gathering the ingredients I made a mental note to not forget the fresh basil outside. Of course that mental note got lost sometime while chopping the kale.

    It is supposed to be 90+ degrees here this weekend! Hot hot hot. We will get outside and enjoye it for sure. Thanks for posting Carrie.


  3. yum. I've got to try something like this someday. I need more lentils in my life.

  4. Now that I know what kale is, sloppy lennies will definitely be on my shopping list next time. I think dad will like them too. Have fun tonight!!

    Love, Mom

  5. i have a sloppy lennies recipe to test for catherine sometime soon -- it'll be my first batch. your post makes me look even more forward to making it!

  6. I have the sloppy lentils recipe from Catherine to test too, but I am not because I like my version (picky picky) and I don't like worchestire sauce. THat's the main reason.

    THese look great, but I suggest you pre-cook or cook the brown/green lentils for longer than the red. They take more than twice as long to cook. As for the liquid level, I find myself adding tomato sauce towards the end a lot. Yours looked a bit dry, but could be the darkness. Looks good anyway, and as for the herbs, I'd use fresh too if I had them, but I would also recommend a spicy pepper in this recipe.

  7. Megan - at least you had a good start with your lentil pasta sauce right? Do you ever make Lentil Soup? That's great too.

    Vicki & Leslie - yum! I'm eager to try some of Catherine's recipes. I love Worchestershire sauce, so I'm sure that would be a great addition.

    Diane - yes, I think Ron would like them a lot. They are easy to make and good for leftovers too. We found using the 1/4 cup brown lentils (in addition to the 3/4 cup red) added a bit more firmness for leftovers, which was perfect.


  8. Hi Crystal - I make soup about once a year...and it's never been lentil. I don't know why...I do like soup and I do like lentils. I guess it's unfamiliar, so I don't venture there. tsk tsk, I really should.

    I know - one reason I don't often make soup is because I find recipes usually make SO much, and I get tired of it after just a couple of bowls. I suppose there is a simple solution to that....half the recipe! Duh! :-)


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