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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lasagna to the Rescue!

Boy am I proud of us! Our weakness is Buffalo Wild Wings. We used to hang out there often and then moved on to getting take-out and enjoying it at home. On a rainy night like last night, we felt like hiding out at home with a movie and some take-out from BW3's. Ryan and I went back and forth on the issue: take-out or not to we decided to make lasagna! Sure, it took a long time to make, but it was totally worth it.

I used my standard lasagna recipe with the addition of the homemade sauce from Monday's post and cooked up some garlic bread as well. I do love this recipe, but think it needs a healthier kick. Right now it's some ground beef (just a little bit) and a whole lot of cheese. The only veggies are from the sauce. I've tried to put zucchini slices in there in the past, but Ryan doesn't like zucchini. I've thought of spinach...any other suggestions?

Oh, I also want to note that the mac & cheese is very good leftover for lunches. It was better the next day and even some of the saltine topping stayed crisp in the microwave. Since we don't want to be eating all this pasta from lasagna and mac & cheese, we're sending the remaining mac & cheese to Ryan's mom. Good thing we don't have to waste food and she gets to try it out too.

That's all for now! Have a great day!


  1. Hi...roasted pepper and/or eggplant are great in lasagna. I also love mushrooms!

  2. Megan - we could def. try the roasted pepper and eggplant. Thanks for the suggestions.

    We've made a cool vegan lasagna before - no cheese subs, but plenty of roasted veggies. It was messy, but quite good. I totally forgot about that until you mentioned the eggplant!


  3. I've also made lasagna using butternut squash soup instead of the tomato sauce. It sounds really strange, but it taste amazing. Kinda like a white-sauce version of lasagna.

    BTW - I forgot to mention...I would love to try your granola recipe. I won't be able to make it right away since I'm going away for a long weekend, but I'd love to try it when I get back. If you'd like to email it, you can can reach me at:

  4. I totally second the roasted pepper idea! I like to put zucchini and spinach in my lasagna, but since Ryan isn't a fan, scrap the zucchini. Chopped up broccoli might work. My brother will sometimes simmer small carrot pieces in his sauce. It's pretty good.

  5. Ryan and Crystal -

    Lucky me to get your extras (hee hee)! The mac and cheese is really good, and I absolutely love the granola. Thanks!



  6. Megan -thanks for the additional suggestions. Does you use prepared butternut squash soup or is it homemade?

    Carrie - we'll have to add spinach and some grated carrots sometime. Those would be good additions. I do have a really good veggie (not vegan) lasagna recipe that has chopped up broccoli and it's great. Geez, I forgot about that recipe too.



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