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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Herb Shopping!!

As a Mother's Day gift, Ryan and I took his mom out for a surprise. We signed up for "The Potted Herb Garden" at Shady Acres Herb Farm. This will be our 3rd year having a container herb garden and thought it was about time to get some expert advice on making the herbs more vibrant in our tough Minnesota climate. The registration fee provided us with 3 cool terra cotta containers each and 14 herbs each. Wow!

Here's our workstation:

This pot contains a ton of stuff: curly parsley, flat leaf parsley, chamomile, 2 English lavenders and lemon balm:

We also got 5 basils (3 different kinds), garden sage, French thyme, Papalo(a cilantro substitute), aloe, rosemary, and many other veggies & peppers we are trying to grow this year. I'll need to take a few more pictures after work and post them later.

Can't wait to start using these while cooking!


  1. that looks like fun. did you get to choose & plant your own herbs? what a treat. i found your link over at catherine's and i'm so glad i did! :o)

  2. Thanks for posting Vicki!

    The class we signed up for stated, "you get three terracotta pots to plant herbs in.” To our surprise, these three pots included 14 herbs! Both Crystal and I signed up for the class so we were able to pick out 28 plants of our choice; about eight more than we planned on having. I was able to pick out some additional pepper plants besides my jalapeño. Everything cost $50 each (3 pots and 14 plants). We will be posting more pictures of our herbs and pepper’s progress in the coming days and weeks.


  3. Thanks Ryan and Crystal for introducing me to fresh herbs last year and for the awesome and fun opportunity to be a part of the experience at Shady Acres Herb Farm this year. Because this is only my second year of having fresh herbs, I am looking forward to expanding my use of these herbs in my cooking, which has always been a goal of mine.

    -Diane (a/k/a Mom)

    10:59 AM

  4. Thanks for posting Mom! We had fun picking out the herbs with you. You were so fast at planting your herbs; that must be due to extra life experience. ;) Hopefully Shady Acres sells herbs next year.


  5. Your herb potting day sounds fun. Pot gardening... interetsing. I'm looking forward to watching your garden grow. I found my way into here via catherine's blog also. I am a gardener and vegan cook also.


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