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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Completed Herb/Pepper Garden

While Crystal was busy cooking all day, I(Ryan) took some time to plant the rest of our herbs and peppers we did not plant at Shady Acres Herb Farm.

If all goes well, here is the complete rundown of what fresh herbs we will have "in-stock" for cooking this summer:

*Basil(Genovese, Green Gate, Magical Michael)
*Lemon Verbena
*Papalo(similar to Cilantro)
*Parsley(Italian & Curly)

In addition to those herbs, we are attempting to grow Bambino Eggplant & Better Bush Tomatoes in our container garden. This will be the first time we have tried to grow any vegetables.

There are also five different kinds of peppers in our container garden: Jalapeño, Mini Red Bell, Numex Twilight, Red Hot Cherry, & Thai Yellow.

Last year we only grew Jalapeño & Thai Hot peppers, so this should be a good experiment.


  1. whoo hoo...good luck! I love gardening, but live in a condo not much opportunity. I hope you post about them a little later on in the season so we can see how they're doing!

  2. I will definitely post updates about how our culinary herbs and peppers are doing. I hope things go well...but who knows...maybe a little snow will start falling here in Minnesota and ruin my pepper harvest. ;)


  3. What a great variety of plants! I hope you share different foods that you will use them in too.

  4. you have so many herbs this year how fun! Mom and Dad planted alot this year too well peppers that is lol:)

  5. Dori - we hope to use the herbs a lot in our cooking. The first year we had the herb garden, we didn't do that much cooking with them, but now in the following years, we've made a goal out of getting them in our food.

    Jill - yeah, mom and dad have a lot growing in their garden! I heard you loaded mom up with the peppers.


  6. Um, are these some of the same peepers Ryan dared me to eat last summer? He He! Those were HOT!

  7. Rachel-

    We did get the Thai Hot along with a few other varieties, but this time they are yellow...maybe you won't notice they are the same this way. ;)



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