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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kitchen in the Market - Now Open!

Being surrounded by creative people is really quite motivating. New ideas are around every corner and while some ideas just float on by, other ideas stick and yield fantastic results. Such is the case with Kitchen in the Market, a shared commercial kitchen space complete with a retail outlet and an area for cooking classes and demos housed in Midtown Global Market.

I swung by last week to check out the space during the VIP grand opening party and to support my friends (and Kitchen in the Market owners), Tracy Morgan and Molly Herrmann. First order of business? The cookie says it all:

The chefs who share the kitchen were on hand to provide food samples and answer questions about their products. Chef Beth Fisher and Caroline Glawe make up Two Food/Wine/Design and were sampling their organic egg salad topped with habanero jam (the jam can be purchased in the retail corner of the kitchen).

They also made this lovely buttermilk panna cotta with tangy blackberries.

Tastebud Tart chef and owner, Molly Herrmann, made fancy honey coated butternut squash coins, topping them with a spritz of goat cheese.

We also got to tour the kitchen space, drink a glass (or three) of champagne, and watch a gluten-free salmon cake demo put on by Jennifer Geisheker of Roving Dish.

Tracy Morgan & Jennifer Geisheker

I was really impressed by the new Kitchen in the Market space and can't wait to check out a class. They even have kids cooking classes, which would be fun for my nephew. Stop by and check it out for yourself - it's in the southeast corner of the market.

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  1. More good things for me to try at the Global Market, along with the camel burger. I think I'll need to go down there very hungry some day!!!

  2. I love the Global Market! I will have to check it out :-)



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