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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Best Popcorn!

Another week has flown by. With work projects during the day and social engagements in the evening, I haven’t cooked much this week. Our fridge is bare and in dire need of replenishment which in turn means my blog is a little bare too. Sorry, friends! Luckily I have all weekend to get back into the cooking groove.

Earlier this week I attended a going away party for a friend in downtown Minneapolis (at Brit’s – yay!) and since the weather was so miserable (uber windy, cold and rainy), I decided to hop on the bus, stay for a couple hours and then ride back home. That way I didn’t have to sit in traffic, worry about being blown off the road, and best of all, I could read the newest issue of Bon Appétit.

I’m really digging Andrew Knowlton’s writing, so as a new subscriber, I’m eager to read more of his stuff. In the Bon Appétit Foodist column, he mentioned that some movie theaters use coconut oil to pop their kernels, which got me excited to try something new. I bookmarked the page and as soon as I got home, I made some popcorn.

Here’s my method of making popcorn.

1.) Heat a large saucepan over medium-high heat and add 2 tablespoons oil (in this case, coconut oil)
2.) With the oil, add 2 kernels of popcorn and cover pan with a lid
3.) Once the kernels pop, add 1/3 cup of popcorn, cover again, and remove from heat for 30 seconds
4.) Return to heat and pop until popping slows down to 1 pop every couple seconds
5.) Add your favorite toppings and serve

I love salted butter on my popcorn along with a little salt and pepper. If I feel fancy, I’ll go with freshly grated parmesan cheese and/or nutritional yeast. This night, I pulled out the butter (to melt in the same pan after popping popcorn) and look what I found:

Mini sticks of butter! I was so excited that I must have let out a squeal because Ryan came running, wondering what was wrong. After he confirmed I was okay, he also got excited about these perfectly-sized sticks of butter. Love it! (Note: I don’t usually buy Land O’ Lakes butter, so forgive me if I’m way behind the times in this discovery.)

The popcorn made with coconut oil was completely awesome. There were only hints of coconut in the finished product and I kept muttering, “Oh my gosh this is so good, so good, so good!” I’m sure I said it at least 10 times. Another sign it was good? Ryan ate his entire bowl. Usually when I’m finished with mine, I start on the rest of his, but no luck this time.



  1. I tried this last night and was really surprised at how light and crispy the popcorn turned out. I think I used a bit too much butter though - i know, how can that be?!- but it seemed rich, if popcorn can even be called that. I will definitely use the oil again, as I was given a huge jar by Tropic Traditions and just don't know what to do with it. Suggestions?

  2. Gasp! Too much butter?? I did find that I used less butter with this version, but that could be because I was feeling guilty for using the coconut oil.

    Other uses for coconut oil...perhaps that should be a future post. I feel like I used it recently, but can't recall what for.


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