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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Black Bean Tostadas

My post-vacation resolution was to put off grocery shopping for as long as possible. A few things have been helpful in this:

1.) We had a bunch of food leftover from vacation
2.) Our container garden is going strong
3.) My pantry is well stocked

Already I’ve made green beans and bacon (using canned green beans and fake bacon), pepper, onion and mushroom quesadillas, pear and peanut butter oatmeal, blueberry pancakes, Swiss chard quiche, a couple batches of guacamole (I had 6 avocados leftover from vacation), iced tea, granola, and tortilla soup.

So far so good, but we’re getting to the end of our stock. In an effort to further avoid the chore of grocery shopping, we whipped together some tostadas the other night.

French Meadow Bakery sells these fantastic Sprouted Grain Tortillas that have 5 grams of fiber each. We put them in the oven at 400° for 5 minutes to brown while we sautéed a can of black beans with a little cumin and chili powder. The tostadas were topped with arugula, sorrel, and sun gold tomatoes from our container garden, diced avocado, and goat cheese. By the way, I found these little goat cheese medallions from Trader Joe’s that come in a pack of 6-1oz. portions, which are perfect if you’re only using a small amount of goat cheese each time.

Well, I’m off to clean some soy sauce spillage from the fridge so our new groceries can have a fresh and clean home!


  1. I love sungold tomatoes! They are tied for first place with "Kellogg's Breakfast" in my book!

  2. Looks and sounds wonderful! You don't need no stinkin' groceries.


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