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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Restaurant: Sauce

Looking back on my recent posts, I realize I haven’t been doing too much home cooking. My evenings have been filled with dinners out with friends, food related events and quick bites here and there. True to recent form, I went to preview Sauce over the weekend, a new pizza and wine restaurant in the West End (aka St. Louis Park).

Upon entering the West End for the first time, I may have muttered a few cuss words. It reminded me of the overcrowded loop-de-loop otherwise known as Scottsdale Waterfront. You know, those places where you follow a line of cars hoping everyone keeps moving? Then you drive around the parking ramp forever looking for that coveted parking spot? Yeah. Fun stuff.

Once we entered Sauce, all was forgotten. The décor is simple but welcoming with metal chairs and brightly colored signs throughout. Ordering is easy – place your order at the counter, pick up your beverages and a number, then wait for a server to bring out your food.

During our visit, we tried quite a few menu items. First, the Wild Mushroom pizza which was coated in fresh arugula and drizzled with truffle oil. It was a great combination and since the pizzas have a super thin crust, I assume this is a pretty healthy choice. I would definitely order this one again.

We also tried the Vegetable and Avocado salad which was packed full of great veggies like asparagus, cucumber, corn and carrots. It was quite large and perfect for a main meal or to share as a starter.

We found the Mac ‘N Cheese sufficiently cheesy, but lacked the punch of flavor you’d expect from a homemade mac and cheese. I’m sure kids would LOVE it, but I thought it was a bit plain.  Confession:  I still ate the whole thing!

Still hankering for a little more pizza, we tried the Mozzarella, Fontina Cheese & Basil. Perhaps the most basic on the menu, it was packed full of flavor from the red sauce, basil and fontina cheese. Delicious!

If I found myself in the West End again, I’d definitely hit up Sauce again. I’d stop especially for their Summer Special in which for $20 you get a salad, a pizza and 2 glasses of wine. Perfect dinner option before going to a movie across the street.

Sauce opened its first Minnesota location on Monday the 21st and there are several locations in Arizona.

The Shops at West End
1610 West End Blvd.
St. Louis Park, MN

Disclosure: As part of an opening preview at Sauce, I received all of the above at no cost and was not obligated to write a blog post.


  1. how interesting that they opened a location in MN! I wonder why? Fox Restaurants (that owns Sauce as well as many other delish places in is a great company in Arizona and I'd be interested to hear if they have opened any other out of state locations...or why they chose MN! Lucky you, enjoy :) The salads there (esp. the aged parmesan and vegetable) are my favorite! So simple and the perfect portions.

  2. I love your description of the "West End" - I've been there twice still seems very quiet to me...I'm going to have to check out Sauce next time - the summer deal sounds great!

  3. Whitney - I met with the owners, Jason Merritt & Michael McDermott. Both are from MN, but have spent a lot of time in AZ. Michael's family started Chi Chi's and Fuddruckers and Michael started Kona Grill in AZ and brought it to MN with Jason. They partnered together again to open Sauce here in MN and will open a Tequila Bar next door in August called Rojo - can't wait!!

  4. Emily - Maybe it's because I went right during dinner time on a Friday night and I have a little grudge against SLP ;)


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