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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Aebleskiver Queen

Just call me the Aebleskiver Queen okay? That’s right, I’m savoring my title and can’t help but be excited about it. FYI – I might be flowing with confidence in the following post. Bear with me :)

Last week I met with The Blog Pantry for yet another fun foodie event. We converged on Local D’Lish in downtown Minneapolis (the store for all things local food) for some networking, learning (thanks to Kim Moldofsky of Mom Impact) and eating. We even did a good deed by collecting diapers and baby wipes to donate to the Minneapolis Crisis Nursery.

(thanks to Michele at StuffSoup for the pic)

Chad Gillard of Aunt Else’s Aebleskiver was our sponsor for the night and he was so incredibly friendly and full of information on aebleskivers, a Danish round pastry traditionally filled with apple slices, but commonly filled with savory ingredients as well. I’ve been a big fan of Aunt Else’s since discovering them at the Mill City Farmers Market last year and was so excited to learn more.

After a little socializing, Chad informed the group that we’d be competing in a cooking contest and the winner gets an amazing prize: an Aunt Else’s Minnesota-made 9-hole aebleskiver pan and batter mix.

You see, I’ve had my eyes on that pan for quite some time now and I wasn’t going to let the opportunity to win one slip away. The only thing standing between me and that pan was ME. I gave myself a pep talk and concentrated on Chad’s instructions. (Dork alert - If you were standing close enough to me, you probably could have heard me talking to myself and repeating the instructions out loud.)

When it came my turn to cook, I chose my ingredients (cheddar, pear and rosemary) and could tell pretty quickly that my dreams were about to be dashed.

I put too much batter in the pan and it wasn’t looking good. I was able to save them, but HAD to try another batch. This time I tried green onion, cheddar and thyme and used less batter.

Success! I garnished my perfectly cooked aebleskiver (bottom left corner), put it on the table for judging and crossed my fingers (Savory Suz’s looked pretty darn good too).

When judging time came and Chad announced that “Onion on Thyme” had won, I was pretty thrilled. Not only was the pan mine, but I earned some cooking street cred too. Boo ya!

It was an awesome ending to an awesome night. I can’t wait to come up with some aebleskiver recipes!

Have you had aebleskivers before?

What would you put in yours?


  1. Well done, Crystal! I have had aebleskivers before -- we sampled them at the KW last summer during art fair. Truthfully, I may never want to look at another one again! BUT . . . ours were plain, and I think they would be MUCH more interesting stuffed with yummy goodness.

  2. I have never heard of them before and thought you must be making up words in your blog title before reading your post, lol! But they look good--I will have to try them sometime. I love Local D'Lish, though--such a cute store with loads of great local products.


  3. All hail the Queen!
    I've had them many times. As a kid we used to drive through Solvang CA from time to time, big Danish population there. Andersen's Pea Soup was an institution. Hate pea soup, love the aebleskivers. However I've never had savory ones. We always had them with powdered sugar or syrup.. sort a round pancake.
    Later in College my roommates father was an old Danish guy from SD.. he would make them for us on the weekend.. had the same 9 hole pan and made them for breakfast. Sweet version.

  4. Yours did look fantastic. And put me to shame standing next to you for sure. Again, well done!


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