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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ode to Minnesota & Squash Soup

We're stuck with another atrociously cold day here in Minnesota.  I think it's starting to hit the East Coast, so we're not alone in this, but I am still allowed to whine.  As I was driving into work I had to take another picture of the temperature because it's still bewildering.

At least I'm not the only crazy person to be taking pictures of the temperature.  I had at least 2 other friends do the same thing :)

One of my girlfriends sent me this poem today and it gave me a chuckle.  Thanks Andrea!

It's winter in Minnesota  
And the gentle breezes blow  
Seventy miles an hour  
At thirty-five below.   
Oh, how I love Minnesota 
When the snow's up to your butt  
You take a breath of winter  
And your nose gets frozen shut. 
Yes, the weather here is wonderful  
So I guess I'll hang around 
I could never leave Minnesota 
I'm frozen to the ground!

This is a food blog after all, so onto the food!  We are still making things from the reFresh cookbook and here's another one.  It was named Butternut Squash Soup, but we used both acorn and butternut squash for the base.  As if two squashes aren't enough, there is a key ingredient that gave it such a unique texture:  pears!!  (good thing I proofread these otherwise it would say bears!!).

Ryan was nice enough to make the soup so I could feed my addiction to Dr. Mario (yes, the video game...can't stop!) When it was cooking, I could have sworn he used curry spice, but I was wrong - it was cinnamon! It gave a very warm flavor to the soup and again, the pears gave it a cool texture.

As you can see from the picture, we couldn't get the soup pureed perfectly with our immersion blender. If only we had a Vita-Mix...

The only thing we'd change about this is to dice the red pepper garnish much finer. It would have provided for better distribution throughout the soup.


  1. I don't know how you can survive up there. I'm freezing in Texas and it's barely 30 degrees tonight. Soup, yes, lots of soup for you!

  2. I love soup - especially in the winter. Our cold snap finally broke on Saturday when a snow storm blew in. I'd rather have snow up to my but than those horrible temps. Hmmm....I'm thinking soup for tomorrow. Good idea Crystal! (and Ryan)


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