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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sweet and Sour Tofu with Broccoli & Big News!

Hope everyone is doing well out in blogworld. Things have been very busy for Ryan and I over the last year and I haven't exactly announced the reason for us being so busy, but figure it's about time. We're finally getting married!!

After being together for almost half of our lives (15 years) and being engaged for 10 of those years, we decided to get married. We've been intensely planning a very fun wedding for our friends and family and the date is quickly approaching. We get married next Saturday here in the Twin Cities. The ceremony will be at a Japanese garden surrounded by our closest friends and family and we're holding a reception in downtown Minneapolis for about 130 guests.

I've planned plenty of conferences and events over my lifetime, but nothing as major as this. It's seriously the ULTIMATE event and we're lucky we're so organized. Boy do people look surprised when we whip out the spreadsheets :) After this weekend, we should be all set for the big day and able to enjoy the next week.

So, if I'm not posting for awhile, now you know why. It's always odd announcing personal news on a blog, but figured you've all been with us in cyberspace for the last couple years and should know what's up.

We haven't had too much time to cook because we normally get home around 10pm, watch a TV show, and go to bed, but every once in awhile we make some food. Sweet and Sour Tofu and Broccoli is one of my all time favorites and I love that Ryan made this for us when he got home early one day.

This time we were going to add zucchini, but forgot. Oh well. Ryan used 1 tablespoon of molasses instead of 1 teaspoon and instead of ruining the dish, it gave it a whole new flavor. I loved it!

We'll see how posting goes over the next week. During our honeymoon, I'm hoping to not have any contact with a computer, but maybe I can look into that auto-posting feature so you think I'm on top of things - ha!


  1. Well a great big CONGRATULATIONS to you both! What happy news! We'll be understanding if you don't post for a bit, but don't forget us. (a-hem! PICTURES!!! I mean wedding more than food shots).
    I would love that tofu recipe if you are able to share. It looks delicious.

  2. Welll congrats to you two! To be honest, I thought you were already married. LOL.

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  4. welcome back to town, you guys! Can't wait to hear about your wedding and honeymoon! (And see pictures! Carrie's right!)

    P.S. Crystal, I can't believe I've posted seventeen times since you've been gone! I guess the flogging has really upped my postings lately. It's been helping me keep the junk food down, though, so I guess it's a good thing?

  5. Whew!! I'm finally caught up on your posts since July. This summer got away from me, and I wasn't checking your blog.

    I now have some new recipes to file away in my new system . . . oh, yeah! That got away from me too! Maybe in the weeks to come!!

    Love to You -


  6. Hi!

    You've got some amazing food there! I wish I can cook. I'm just impossibly lazy. But I am planning on making my own feast for thanksgiving.



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