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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Blueberry Post

I have almost all my pictures from my camera now on my computer. Woo hoo! Ryan and I went blueberry picking back in July and now I can share with you.

We were really surprised at how fast the local farm ran out of blueberries. Imagine my sense of panic when I found my first and second choice were sold out! I did some further research and found Rush River Produce in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin. It's located on the way to La Crosse (where we went to college), so we knew it would be a beautiful drive and it's only about 1 hour from our house. Well, it's only 1 hour from our house when you have the right directions. OOPS! So, we enjoyed the driving adventure through the bluffs of Wisconsin.

Rush River has 9 acres of blueberries, so there were plenty for us to pick. It was great because we really felt no one was competing for "the spot" and we could sit back and enjoy. If you look really closely, you can see the blueberries on the bushes.

There were tons to pick, both on short bushes and tall bushes. We found that many people came and went, hopping from bush to bush looking for the biggest, blueist blueberries. Our technique was totally the opposite. We picked every single blueberry from the bush before moving on because they are ALL good!

So, after over 2 hours of picking, we had picked over 20 pounds of blueberries. I'm sure at least an additional 5 pounds went into our mouths during the 2 hours.

We spent another 45 minutes just dinking around on the farm. They also sell currants and gooseberries, but I think we were too wiped to pick anything else. I'll leave you with a picture of one of the cool wood carvings that was hiding behind the barn. I can't tell if this guy is getting out his aggressions or worshipping the sun.


  1. Wow so much blueberries! what you do with them?

  2. Johanna - great question! That will be my next post :)


  3. Twenty pounds is a lot of blueberries!

  4. Oh I'm drooling over here. I'm still hoping it's not too late to find blueberries around here!

    And you're so right- fruit picking is no fun unless there's a little illicit fruit eating involved!

  5. You seemed to the same problem I did when I picked strawberries in June. Mesmerized by the beauty of it all, I picked way too many. Freeze and have summer treats in winter! Glad to see you're back.

  6. Oh that's awesome! What did you do with all the blueberries? Did you find any fun and exciting recipes for them?

  7. We picked 5 pounds and I thought that was a lot!

    I've still got a few pounds in the freezer. You know the other day, I stopped at the same orchard so I could get some peaches for jam...and they still had blueberry picking!

    No cool wood carvings though...

  8. Twenty. Pounds.



    I cannot wait to see what you did with that many blueberries!


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