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Monday, July 2, 2007

2007 Crop Share #1

Happy 4th of July week! Wednesday is such an unusual date for a holiday and hard to predict work patterns. This morning, I got to work at 8:30am and as I was pulling into a closer than normal parking space, I thought to myself, "Sweet! I got here earlier than a ton of people! I rock!" only to realize shortly after that the reason I got a closer spot was because of the holiday. Then I got a bit sad, thinking, "Shoot, everyone else but me took the week off. Darn it!" You have to understand, a parking spot can be an opportunity for excitement or disappointment. My company employs 7,000 people in our facility and we only have surface lots. We even have a shuttle running year-round to one of the lots because it is so far away. I'm looking forward to parking this week :)

Someone asked me how Pink Martini was...they were awesome! It is a 14-person group that play music from all over the world. The instruments were fantastic, especially the percussion team. At one point, they were playing the whistle and the bongos at the same time. If Pink Martini is at your local orchestra hall, buy tickets!!

Ryan and I have been enjoying our local crop shares and so far we have received three, but I need to upload a bunch of pictures, so Crop Shares #2 & #3 are still on my camera. Here's the first one:

Crop Share #1 included:

Green garlic
Garlic scapes
Lettuce mix
Head of lettuce
Sugar Snap Peas

Of course we made salads!

Mine was a Taco Salad

Ryan's was more of a Waldorf Salad, but missing a couple ingredients.

I pick up our 4th crop share tomorrow. We should be getting some new items in addition to all the great greens!


  1. Oooh, I loved peeking into your crop share! We never get one because we're afraid 2 people won't be able to put all the produce to good use. But I've been eating tons and tons of greens lately, and am inspired by your photos!

  2. great looking salads..
    happy fourth to you

  3. Hi. I found your blog through Vivacions Vegan and I was so excited to find a Minnesota blog! I'm from St. Cloud. Your recipes are wonderful and I plan on checking further on your links to Loon Organics and Shady Acres Herb Farm. Thanks for the great tips! --Karen

  4. great looking crop share! I <3 garlic scapes....

  5. Crystal -

    It's about time I got caught up on your blog. I have missed it. I love hearing about your cooking experiences and your fun times and just the way you word things . . . I love you for your uniqueness!!! As always, everything looks mouth-watering.
    I went to UPS on Friday by your work, so I experienced the road construction via the Dodd Road route. Of course, it was quiet because of the hodiday :)
    I think some day I will need a tempeh cooking lesson like you so graciously gave me a tofu cooking lesson . . . nothing like hands-on to learn the appropriate methods.
    Of course, now that I'm all caught up on reading, we'll be leaving for our mission trip. But I will look forward to reading your blog regularly and cooking better when we get back :)

    I Love You Tons . . . .


  6. I love crop shares! I had one for several years and I really miss it now that I have more time to cook!


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