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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Roasted Mushrooms & Soba Noodles

I'm so glad Ryan was able to step up in his blogging duties and take over the other day. He helps a lot in the kitchen, but all of his computer time is either spent studying or working, so blogging is the last thing on his mind.

At the recent Food & Wine Show, I had a chance to pick up a signed copy of Melissa Clark's recent book, The Skinny: How to Fit into Your Little Black Dress Forever. I saw her in Food & Wine magazine and have made a couple of her recipes - Guinness Glazed Halibut and Carrots AND Buckwheat Salad with Parsley Oil. Her style of eating is to keep it simple and loaded with veggies. The main piece of advice she gives is to eat 7-9 servings of fruits and you'll find yourself feeling full enough to not snack on other unnecessary items.

I haven't made it entirely through the book, but of course I skipped right to the recipes section and started cooking. Roasted Mushrooms and Soba Noodles are almost brainless to make and it is so good! We used 1 1/2 large portobello mushrooms and buckwheat soba noodles. It was dressed simply with green onions, sesame oil and sesame seeds. YUM!

I forgot to take a picture while it was on the plate, so don't mind the plastic container in the picture below :)


  1. I am so jealous every time you two have a dinner with lots of mushrooms. As you know, Ron is not into them at all, which limits my dinner-making experience with them. I think, however, I will need to treat myself now and then, and this picture looks mouth watering!!

    Melissa Clark's cookbook looks like something I would like. I'll have to check yours out sometime.

    Love You -

  2. It's pretty much guaranteed- I'll love soba in any form. the mushrooms are just a bonus!

  3. Could I trouble you for the recipe? I have some soba noodles that I didn't know what to do with. This sounds perfect!


  4. Soba noodles are wonderful and i can't imagine a world without mushrooms. I love them so much. I think i could eat mushrooms 'n' onions 'n' garlic (oh my!) until forever... This looks AMAZING!!!

  5. Looks good - the dressing sounds simple, fresh and yummy :)

  6. Mushrooms are so great. They really add depth and flavor... looks to be a dish i should try


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