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Monday, February 26, 2007

White Pizza and Chianti Salad

Happy Monday! We had a fantastic weekend starting with a wedding of our friends, Kyle and Jessica at the Conservatory. Everything worked out perfectly and it was great to spend time with friends and family.

Luckily the bulk of the snowstorm held off until Saturday, but still provided for difficult driving conditions on Sunday when we went to the Food & Wine Show. This was truly the event for us...we love food and we love wine! We agreed that we need to go to more events like this and the Living Green Expo where healthy gourmet foods are featured rather than fried foods on a stick. We came away with many, many food, beer, and wine samples along with a big list of wines to buy and 4 wine glasses free with our tickets! Not that we really needed more wine glasses, but still...

Below is a pizza we through together using TJ's herb crust, some mozzarella, Parmesan, and gorganzola, along with sliced green apples and spinach. We used a garlic and olive oil sauce. It was so good! I just love gorganzola cheese and green apples.

We served the pizza with a boston lettuce salad also made with gorganzola, green apples and caramelized walnuts. I made a chianti vinaigrette dressing using a wine that a friend brought over.

The salad was fantastic and great for leftovers. We really want to fill ourselves up with salad/veggies in addition to the pizza. We have such a habit of making pizza our only meal item which just isn't the healthiest decision.


  1. One of my favorite pizzas is Gorgonzola with pears. I'm sure the apple is very similar. Yum.

  2. What an interesting sounding combination of flavors. I have never had gorganzola cheese. It must have a very distinct taste . . like blue cheese and feta??? I love the idea of a garlic and olive oil sauce. And of course, the salad looks delicious!

    Glad you had fun at the Food & Wine show. You'll have to share some of your wine finds with me so I know where to get them.

    It was really nice to see you Friday at the wedding :) Looking forward to seeing you next Friday also to celebrate Ryan's B-day!!!

    Love You,


  3. Your weekend sounds like it was lovely - a wedding, snow, yummy dinner with friends, mini-resolutions that includes interesting home shows and extra salads, and, most importanty, WINE! :D

    Pear is my favorite pizza topping, I've never considered green apples. Great idea!

  4. That pizza! Oh that pizza... you tempt me!! Nice salad, too. Always good to have that w/a pizza for the additional nutrition - and fiber!

  5. Sounds like a really great meal, and the pictures are pretty too.


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