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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mango Ginger Tofu

Last night we just weren't in the mood for anything and on the verge of getting some take out. Luckily, Ryan dug out some potato and cheddar pierogies from the freezer to save us! He boiled them and then pan fried in a little bit of olive oil. They were served with salt and pepper. However, we totally didn't take a picture, so I decided to post on something we made awhile back. Although the pierogies were very good, I wish we had the ingredients for Mango Ginger Tofu on hand. Oh's our story from another night...

Always the kitchen dilemma...what two things can I combine to make a killer dish? Well, since we had tofu and a mango, we thought it was the perfect time to try another VwaV recipe - Mango Ginger Tofu.

Ok, so we had a few more ingredients too like ginger, jalepeno pepper and a green pepper (instead of the red). We were able to use our new immersion blender to make the sauce, so Ryan was really excited about that.

We also pulled some asparagus out of the fridge and steamed it to serve alongside the Mango Ginger Tofu with brown rice. We'll definitely be making this again. FYI - we halved the recipe and came up with 5 small servings, so be forewarned when making it.


  1. Looks delicious... I love that recipe.. of course, I never follow it, but the base flavors are there and it is sooo good..mmmm

    I also loved your pizza from last post.. how creative, to use apples on it!

    oh.. and I will add you to the recipe tester list..

  2. How have I never noticed this recipe? I think I'd love the mango with tofu...yum. We sometimes get take-out too- it's a cycle, utter enthusiasm about cooking turning to boredom.

  3. I got am immersion blender for Christmas from my pops. It's so nice to be able to leave the food processor in the cupboard sometimes.

    The dinner looks great!


  4. Looks GREAT.

    All meals are enhanced with asparagus. I'm likin' the look. Wish i could take a bite of this!!

  5. Has anyone every cooked VwaV recipe that they didn't like? Now that is the question.

    Mango ginger tofu looks really yummy.

    I'm jealous that you have an immersion blender. I must get my act together and by one. Actually I do have one, but I use it for making soap and don't want to risk contaminating food with lye from soap making. Some day I will buy another.

  6. Your dish looks fantastic. I really need to get that book. Everytime I have to return it to the library someone posts another dish I need to try. Back to the library.

  7. I love how you two always seem to have a mysterious array of ingredients on hand that you can mix up into almost anything :)

    I love pierogies, but I'm sure your Mango Ginger Tofu was even better!!

    Love You,


  8. I made this quite a while ago and it blew me away. I just loved it. Hmm, maybe it's time to make it again. I did find that it made a lot. The leftovers were pretty decent too as I remember.

  9. As I remember that recipe calls for marinating overnight, no? I haven't made it since the first time, I'm really bad with recipes that involve much pre-planning. I remember that I wanted to make it again with more spice and less sweet (maybe cut down the OJ), so thanks for reminding me of this recipe's existence :)


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