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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Seitan Portobello Stroganoff & Carrot Cake

I have a couple more successes from VwaV to share with you. On Tuesday night, I made the seitan and was going to make Seitan-Portobello Stroganoff but I hadn’t planned for enough time. So, once the seitan had cooled, I stuck it in the fridge to use last night.

For those of you who don’t know what seitan is, it is a meat substitute made from vital wheat gluten, flour, and spices. It’s kinda like making bread, but it gets kneaded into a loaf and simmered in broth or water. You can make it like beef, pork, or chicken depending on the seasonings you use.

This was my first time making seitan, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I looked at the final product, I have to admit, I wasn’t too impressed – it looked like a big old brown sponge! However, after sitting overnight in the fridge, it looked like a bunch of meatloaf so I figured I’d give it a try in this recipe.

The stroganoff took forever to make, but it was totally worth it. Ryan loved it and kept singing its praises. I thought it was a little on the salty side (I even omitted the salt from the recipe and used low-sodium soy sauce). The seitan browned up nicely and the mushroom, shallot, onion combo was very tasty.

Here’s the finished product from last night:

Remember my carrot cupcake disaster from the other day? Well, I redeemed myself by making my first vegan cake, also from VwaV, Ginger-Pecan-Coconut Carrot Cake with Coconut Icing. This stuff is so good! The spices are perfect, the cake actually rose, and the frosting is incredible especially after sitting in the fridge overnight. Yay me!

As you can see, it looks great…so much better than those stupid other carrot cupcakes.


  1. That's so funny you made this cake. After seeing your comment on the carrot cake muffins, I was thinking about this cake today. I'm on dessert hiatus for at least a week but once the week is over, all bets are off.


  2. I've been eyeing that cake recipe for a while! Nice to see a review of it finally!

    Too bad about the strogonoff. I bet the next time you make it you'll adjust the seasonings and it'll perfect.

    Megan the Vegan

  3. The stoganoff looks pretty in the picture, but the cake ... wowo!

    bakehouse dori

  4. I want that carrot cake RIGHT NOW!! sooo hungy!

  5. I just noticed you two are in Apple Valley - Jeff and I lived there for a couple years and then moved to Farmington until we moved to Phoenix... small world!

  6. Wow, that stroganoff looks like the real thing. Can you tell the difference?
    The carrot cake looks awesome too. Good job on the comeback :)

  7. That carrot cake looks fabulous!!

  8. Marvelous . . . that carrot cake is the best I've ever had. I had some last night after kickboxing and I probably would have waited and had some more at possibly lunch time. But now that I've seen the picture again, I'm heading out to the fridge to grab me some more :) Nothing wrong with fruit and carrot cake for breakfast, right?

    Your fruit bars are excellent. I'll have to make me some!!

    Love You,


  9. awesome!

  10. Crystal - good for you for sticking to your dessert hiatus! If you're doing it because of the calories, just think of how much effort it takes to grate the carrots - it's a lot of calories burned :)

    Megan - you're right, we are always adjusting something.

    Dori - Can you believe I haven't eaten that piece of cake yet? I totally had to run out the door after I took the picture, but I do hear it calling my name.

    U.V. - I hear you..I also love your blogger name now. How funny. You must be up on beta too.

    Joe - that is too weird. I love the A.V. it's close enough to the cities, but close enough to farms too so we can get out in some fresh air.

    Jeff - you get me Mike's cannoli's and I'll get you carrot cake ;)

    Annie - I can't really tell the difference between the real and fake thing because I think it's the sauce that makes it.

    Emmy - thanks for sopping by - I'll have to check out your site. I see you are talking about pumpkin carving - how fun.

    Diane - I knew you'd like it. I'm so glad you did. Did Ron have any too? Saw Rachel with her long hair yesterday - it's super cute.


  11. The stoganoff looks amazing. I've been meaning to try the VWaV seitan recipe. I made seitan a very long time ago starting with regular flour that you must rinse forever to get just the gluten remaining. The VWaV recipe starting with gluten seems much smarter.

  12. That stroganoff recipe was one of the first one I bookmarked when I got VwaV. Haven’t mad it yet because it sounds so time consuming, but now after your review I might take a stab at it this weekend. I’ll have to make more seitan as well though, I used up the reserve in my freezer making another seitan recipe from VwaV (the one on p 165). I’m actually eating the leftovers for lunch right now, sooooo good! I love peanut sauce. We must be on the same wavelength or something because I was eyeing that carrot cake recipe after dinner, your picture of it look beautiful! I also enjoyed Isa’s little blurb before the recipe. VwaV really is a sit down and read kind of cookbook. Is for me at least, but maybe I’m just weird.

  13. I think both of these look delicious! I love carrot cake and the stroganoff is really tempting! Glad the cake turned out for you this time!

  14. Stroganoff! Oh, that is just so what i am craving. And nice job on the muffin re-do with CAKE. Way to persevere!


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