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Monday, September 25, 2006

Crop Share #8 & Popcorn

I picked up our 8th crop share in the rain on Thursday, but luckily the boxes were pretty sheltered so our crops were quite dry.

Here is what we received:
Baby Bolero carrots
Green beans
Fennel and dill fronds
Baby Eggplant
Sweet peppers
Salad mix
Mini potatoes
Red Onions

I think we have just a couple crop shares left, and then we’re on our own at the grocery store again. I know we want to keep up our vegetable intake, but will miss the good organic veggies we receive biweekly.

Ryan and I weren’t that hungry for dinner on Friday night, so we popped some popcorn from a dried ear of corn that I received from Danny and Rachel and that was our dinner.

It was super cool. I’ve never popped popcorn like this before. You place the ear in the bag that was provided and let it pop away and season as desired. We like ours with butter (or Earth Balance depending on the day), salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese. This time we used some nutritional yeast and that was good too.


  1. The second I saw popcorn I thought "Cheese" and sure enough you guys were super cool to do that :)

  2. Yay for you for using the nutritional yeast. It's really quite good on it's own, instead of with parm (ok, ok, that's the vegan in me talking!).

  3. what a great popcorn, so cool, i never see one like that!

  4. That is such a cool idea with the popcorn.

    Your crop share looks great. I definitely want to try that next year.

    Writing class... I bet you'll love it. I majored in computer (2 degrees) but took a creative writing course as an elective. It was one of my favorite classes. There were so many interesting people writing these cool stories. Way more fun than learning about process queues and threads and memory.

  5. i love the popcorn! what a fun thing to do.

  6. Popcorn for dinner! You are my kinda couple!! Love it!

    Great crop of produce there, too, by the way. Cute li'l carrots, mini taters and baby eggplant.

  7. Kleopatra - yum, I could eat popcorn anyday. It's so good! I'm excited for the mini taters

    Vicki - it was fun and exciting and way better than traditional microwave popcorn (which I don't use often)

    Jodi - I bought my notebook for my class and I'm excited to do some of the assignments

    Johanna - I never had seen it either. I'd love to know how they get it that way because I don't think it's something you can do with regular corn on the cob

    Crystal - too funny, yes, that is the vegan in you. I'm glad I like nutritional yeast.

    Jeff - parmesan cheese is something we got into in London. They had the best cheese, milk and butter. Not sure what it was, but it was good!


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