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Friday, August 11, 2006

Crop Share #5

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It was great weather up here in Minnesota - not too hot and a bit of rain on Sunday - but otherwise great.

We received our 5th crop share on Thursday and it was unbelievable! We have so many tomatoes and peppers and other great veggies and we're excited to use them. I still yet to make that carrot cake I had on my list from last week and since we received some more carrots I better get to work soon! Notice that the picture is taken on our new table...not that you can see much yet.

Here is what we received this time:
*2 cucumbers
*2 yellow squashes
*4 green peppers
*bunch of carrots
*salad mix with dill (yep, it's heading to your house, Diane)
*2 shallots
*1 japanese eggplant, 1 globe eggplant
*Cherry tomatoes
*Yellow cherry tomatoes
*Heirloom tomatoes
*Roma tomatoes
*3 red onions
*1 bunch of scallions
*2 bulbs of garlic
*fresh herbs - basil, sage, parsley and thyme
*some spicy peppers

Is that a ton of loot or what? Of course we are open to ideas for using all of this! I'm thinking salsa, sauteed red onions and peppers, and some roasted green onions.

Ryan and I went to my parent's house this weekend and picked up some tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants. Whew! We have a lot of cooking to do.


  1. Can't wait to see your table in full view. The color looks really good, though. Your crop share looks delicious. Hope your onions and peppers turned out well for your steaks. And yep, I will definitely take the spring mix - looking forward to it.

    Love You,


  2. Yay for crop shares! We worked at our CSA this weekend and were able to take some...well, actually, it's more like a ton, of extra basil and tomatoes. The farmers called it a "gleaners delight." We've got some cooking/preserving work ahead of us, too :)

  3. You've inspired us to getting organic/locally grown produce delivered to us...more to follow :)

  4. This cropshare looks amazing! I may have to get in on it when I have my place!

  5. wheresmymind + rachel, is a great starting place :)

  6. Wow! What a beautiful, colorful box of goodies! Enjoy.

  7. OH I want the spicy chilis. My aunt just gave me some from her garden and I can't get enough of them


  8. I am so bummed I didn't sign up for our CSA. I'm definitely going to do it next season. Your produce is so colorful and beautiful. I just bought a whole bunch of produce yesterday and then found out I have to go out of town for a while. I've been desperately trying to use it or freeze it today. Between hubby and myself we ate almost 2 lbs of green beans alone!

  9. What a bounty!! Lovely foodstuffs, you two!

  10. Diane - I hope we can get that salad mix to you soon. It was forgotten!

    Jam - way cool. I checked out your page and that's awesome! Good for you on putting in the effort - we have an open house coming up on our CSA this Sunday. Can't wait!

    Jeff - I'm glad to be an inspiration. I could put that on my resume, huh?

    Orangina - thanks for stopping by, it sure was a lot of colorful stuff this time.

    Teddy - what do you use the spicy chiles for? We can only tolerate a couple slices at most!!

    VV (Crystal, right?)- wow, lots of green bean eating. I need to do some of that. I'm excited that you'll get in on the crop share next year...that's kinda the same thing that happened to us, so we were ready to go months beforehand this year!

    Kleo - thanks! We've used a few things so far, but made only a dent. We need to make some progress!


  11. the crop share looks tasty crystal and ryan! yum is it expesive to get the crop share? Jill


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