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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Corn Chowder

I (Ryan) have never made a corn chowder before and I do not believe Crystal has either…at least my memory contains no recollection of this meal in the whirlwind of new recipes zipping through our kitchen over the last three plus years at our current residence.

This recipe was included in our CSA newsletter and looked perfect. Crystal was at a going away party for a co-worker the other day and I had finished all my planned studying, so I decided to get my hands dirty and make some CHOWDA.

First off, cut the corn off the cobs. Then I began making corn stock that contained low sodium vegetable stock, water, and the cobs that were left over after “de-corning” them. While the stock was gaining its corn flavored bliss, I sautéed some leeks until translucent and then added parsley and carrots. Once the carrots softened a bit, I tossed in the cut up Yukon Gold potatoes and let them cook with the above ingredients before adding the corn stock.

All these ingredients are good, but the best was yet to come. The Bouquet Garni, which is “a bunch of herbs tied together, wrapped in cheesecloth or enclosed in a small cloth sack, and immersed during cooking, as in a soup or stew.” This is another new concept for me, but one I was more than willing to utilize. Our bouquet contained sage, parsley, thyme, oregano, and basil. These herbs filled our house with the most amazing smell while the chowder was simmering.

Once the potatoes were soft, I added the corn kernels previously cut off the cob and reserved to the side. Okay…I will fess up. I initially put the corn kernels in the stock rather than the cobs. I realized my error about 10 minutes into the stock making process and then had to strain the corn from the stock and add the cobs instead. Lesson learned: READ THE RECIPE IN ENTIRETY. I have experienced this problem before and apparently, that moment of recipe skimming had escaped my mind.

Anyways, once the corn kernels were heated, I removed the bouquet garni and added some half- &-half. The half- &-half is good, but next time we are going to try soymilk. I swear we can never have the exact same recipe twice…we are always tweaking and editing our recipes. This chowder was served up with some green onions and a little hot sauce in mine. YUM!!! The leftovers were amazing too. This is a new favorite that I hope we will make again someday ;)


  1. Wow Ryan! That looks delicious. I wish my husband would find himself with the desire to suddenly whip up some yummy chowda! Heck, about the best I can get from him is a PB&J.

  2. ryan -- looks & sounds delicious. i'm impressed that you cut the corn off the cob instead of frozen.

  3. No need to read the recipe...wingin' it is just fine :)

  4. i'm ALWAYS changing recipes
    I'm starting to think it's physically impossible for me to follow one

  5. Your Corn Chowder looks fabulous, Ryan. Did you make up your own Bouquet Garni?

    I have made corn chowder in the past, but this looks so much better . . . no canned creamed corn! Of course, you can't skip the hot sauce (you and Wayne!)

    Love You,


  6. Sounds good! Soup season is almost here. Who am I kidding? It's 70 degrees and I'm freezing. Don't know how you manage Minnesota.

  7. Chowderheads unite. This look SO GREAT, Crystal and Ryan! Mmmmm, i can almost smell it. WOW! Dreamy, creamy goodness, for goodness' sake.

    I have a really bad habit of not reading recipes all the way through. This is yet another reason why i don't use recipes very often!

  8. That looks like a steaming bowl of carbo-comfort. Yum.

  9. VV - all I used to eat was PB&J. My tastes have changed dramatically since we returned from London almost 5 years ago

    vicki - the corn was in our crop share and was delicious. The kernels were so tender and crisp. Way better than frozen

    wheresmymind - I am still learning how to make many dishes so I need a recipe at this point. Someday I hope to have enough experience to wing it ;)

    funwithyourfood - we are trying to reach the ultimate recipe for everything we make. You never menu...perfect recipes come in handy in those endevors.

    mom - we used the Bouquet Garni from our crop share, but we did have all the herbs on hand to make our own. Yum!

    taylor - you are cold in the 70s??? Crank up that oven and get baking!!! We sleep in igloos here, so we are used to the cold ;)

    kleopatra - someday we will be able to transmit smells over the Internet. I can imagine extreme positives and negatives to that scenario.

    uv - one dinner and two lunches of carb greatness. I must say it one more time....YUM!

  10. Looks delicious!

    I have to post anonymously, because blogger is being a pain. stupid blogger.

    Your roasted veggies/sauce from the last post looks awesome too.

    -Melody (melomeals)

  11. It's CHOW-DARRRE. I'm not a fan of milk or cream in my soups, but this sounds pretty good. When my husband decides to cook, he goes all out. I'm sure Crystal was very impressed.
    I'm with Melody, the roasted vegetable pasta on the previous post looks killer!
    BTW, I tagged you for top 5.

  12. 10-4. frozen is crap compared to fresh corn. bet it made all the difference in your chow! :o)


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