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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Grilled Steak & Zucchini Salad

The other night we were in the mood for a salad and needed to use up some crop share ingredients. We cut up the romaine lettuce, some peas, carrots, scallions, onions, and beet greens and added grilled steak, garlic scapes and zucchini. For the dressing, I made a basil vinagrette out of basil, Dijon mustard, olive oil, red wine vinegar and some white wine to thin it out.

Yet another simple meal, but good with plenty of leftovers for lunch side dishes. This was the last of the steak in our freezer. We only have a couple other meat items in there which will eventually get used up.

Wondering how the triathalon is going? We'll be posting an update on that near the end of the week. Stay tuned!!


  1. Nice presentation...I love steak salads, though I would've thought of adding just a touch of cheese :D

  2. I don't think I've ever had a steak salad. Of course, I love salads. I have very little of my portion of the crop share left that you gave me. I'll look forward to picking up the next bunch!!



  3. Jeff - yeah, cheese would have been a good add. Seriously, our fridge is pretty bare bones. Still need to make it to the grocery store for a major trip.

    Diane - never had steak salad? I'm curious what you used your crop share stuff for. We'll have to talk about it soon. Plus, you'll have to pick up our next one :)


  4. Looks like I have missed a lot of posts. Just finished reading through. I've got to keep your blog on my read list.

    The pebbled paella looks great. I love gnocchi. I'm pretty jeaous of all you folks with the CSA shares...I'll have to do that next year.

    Oh, and breakfast foods are my fave. The pancakes look awesome.

    Did you guys head to The Grit restaurant in Athens, GA? I've got their cookbook and would love to visit them.

    Give us all an update up the Lazyman Triathalon...that is so cool!

  5. I would so make this with "soy steak strips" by Lightlife. Lovely!

  6. Looks good- minus the steak of course ;)

    Cant wait to hear about the triathalon!


  7. Hey Jody - I need to put some more links up too so I can remember to go to everyone's sites.
    We stayed in downtown Atlanta with no car, so it was either the MARTA or taxi for transportation. Ryan and I are such cheapskates so springing for a taxi is very rare. So, no, we didn't go to Athens :(

    Kleopatra and Teddy - yes, I steak :) I really appreciate you total veg folks coming by our site. You provide so many new ideas for meat alternatives. Thanks!!


  8. steak salad in the summer time is just a great addition to the menu and your looks tasty....but in the summer I gotta use those tasty tomatoes that are being offered at the farmers markets.

  9. I am wondering what you have completed on the triatholon.... Fill us in!


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