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Monday, July 24, 2006

Eggplant Parmesan & Collard Greens

One of the first things we made upon our return from Chicago was Eggplant Parmesan and Collard Greens. My mom has been nice enough to host a few eggplant plants in her garden and we recently picked a couple ripe ones. She said they are all of the sudden exploding over there, so I’m sure we’ll have a few more eggplant posts coming up!

Also, we received some collard greens in our crop share. Having never used collards before, we relied on the recipe provided in our CSA newsletter. In that recipe, you heat a little oil in a pan, roast some garlic and add the greens to wilt. We added some carrot greens to this recipe as well. They are then topped with golden raisins, toasted pine nuts and salt and pepper.

For the eggplant, we realized we didn’t have any egg for breading, so we just sprayed the eggplants with cooking spray, dipped them into Panko bread crumbs and cooked them in a little oil on the stovetop. They cook so dang quickly; I was running around the kitchen to get paper towels for them to drain! We served them with spaghetti and Trader Joe’s pasta sauce. Now that I think about it, there was no Parmesan cheese in the breading, so I guess they aren’t technically Eggplant Parmesans, but oh well.

Everything turned out really tasty! The eggplants were cooked perfectly and had just a bit of crunch from the breadcrumbs. The collards were earthy and sweet from the raisin mixture and we made the perfect amount for a side dish.

Like I said earlier, my mom has a ton of eggplants and was going to try to cook them for the first time. I hope her Eggplant Parmesan turned out good!


  1. Cool blog with lots of reciples. Any recipes that is easy to cook for beginner?

  2. Oh, loveliness there! Great return recipe to do. Eggplants galore? Thanks mom! :o) Collard greens are new for me and as i hear they can be bitter, i'll bet the raisin mixture made it oh-so-good. This stuff looks fabulous!! I like that there was no egg or cheese in the making of this meal. Yay!

  3. Did ya salt the eggplant prior to cooking? I never used to be a fan of this, but I do think it works :)

  4. Brian - Thanks for visiting all the way from Singapore ;) Easy is relative in the cooking easy are you looking for?

    Kleopatra - The collard greens and carrot greens are bitter, but the raisin mixture took care of that.

    We also used collard greens in our veggie did turn out slightly bitter, but still good.

    Wheresmymind - Crystal did not salt the eggplant prior to use. I never liked eggplant much until Crystal decided to cut it into thin strips rather than thick circles. This time it was really good!


  5. Ryan - I DID salt the eggplant prior to using - you just didn't see it :) Although I typically don't salt it.

    Also, I put carrot tops in the collards too...forgot to mention that part.


  6. Did you say that you were a vegetarian? You sure do have a lot of great veg recipes!!!

    Thanks for the comments and support on my blog, Crystal, I appreciate it!


  7. Harmonia - you are too sweet and giving. I really do hope everything works out for you.

    Nope, still not vegetarian otherwise I'd be in like Flynn (or is it 'in like flint'??) on Veggin Out! Just think it's odd how we humans have such a reliance on meat products and I like to try new things.


  8. This looks good! I am hungary now ;)

  9. I love collard greens. They're my favorite greens. I've never had it with raisins. I'll have to try it, as I'll eat raisins in anything.

    I always cook them the traditional southern way - de-rib and chop leaves coarsly, boil a bit to soften(not too much, maybe 5 min.) Then saute in olive oil with onions, a little garlic, salt, pepper, a few Tbs. vinegar, hot sauce like tabasco, and a pinch of sugar. The vinegar, hot sauce and pinch of sugar is the trick.

    Collards are grown as a winter crop in the South and eaten in the winter. The leaves are bitter until the first frost hits and then they sweeten, so you can see that presents a problem when growing them as a summer crop in the North.

  10. I've never tried collard greens. Now I want to!

  11. I absolutely LOVE eggplant. I find myself using it often. I have also learned to like greens but have honestly never had fresh greens. Mine are always of the frozen variety. Isn't that aweful from a MS girl? BTW, I had some fresh mozzarella at the Paula Deen show and it was good!

  12. Taylor - thanks for the tips ; if we get more collards in our crop share, we'll try this.

    Annie - you haven't been missing out on too much, but they are decent. Now you have a couple ways to do them!

    Claire - Wow - never had fresh greens? I thought those from the South were fed them from birth ;)
    I need to catch up on your site - I skimmed and saw you went to Paula Deen - how cool!


  13. Golden raisins pair so well with bitter greens...

    Your eggplant parm sounds and looks great too. Yum!


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