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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blind Faith Cafe

Well, hello. We're back from the great city of Chicago! I was there for some meetings for a service organization I serve. The meetings went really well and I feel more supported and energized about my role. While I was in meetings, Ryan took it upon himself to check out his surroundings. He will be blogging about that later.

When we first arrived to Chicago (we drove - 7 hours), we checked into the hotel and headed straight to the Blind Faith Cafe upon recommendation from Kleopatra.

We were soooo hungry and ordered a bowl of chili to split while we waited for our meals. The chili was really good and had beans, tomatoes, green peppers and probably some TVP. We were too hungry to take a picture - sorry!

For our main meals, I ordered the Pesto Grilled Vegetable Sandwich. It was served on foccicia bread with grilled zucchini, grilled yellow squash, roasted red peppers, organic tofu and a pesto of cashews and basil.

The sandwich itself was HUGE and could have served at least 2 people. I barely finished off half of the sandwich. I really liked how the veggies and tofu weren't directly layered on top of each other (which would make a very tall sandwich), instead, it was spread out across the sandwich with only some overlapping. I would definitely try to make this at home as it was a very tasty sandwich. It was served with some multi-grain tortilla chips and salsa.

Ryan ordered the Mongolian Stir-Fry which was seitan, broccoli, red peppers and scallions in a Mongolian spicy sauce served with brown rice on the side. This was the first time we have had seitan and we loved it! It added a hearty-ness to the dish. It was so good and not salty at all (compared to other stir-fry dishes).

We had so many leftovers and they packaged them up very nicely. No styrofoam containers here!! Almost all of the containers were reusable which made us happy and they fit into our cooler so Ryan could eat the leftovers while I was in catered meetings.

Thanks a lot for the recommendations - the Blind Faith Cafe was a winner! We would be happy to return to this place again; which will probably be during next summer's trip to Chicago.

We hope to get back in the swing of things pretty soon, but our week is pretty packed already. We love traveling, but are always happy to be back at home and back into our routine. We need to get to the grocery store this week and planned out some meals last night so there will be more blogging in store soon!


  1. Glad to have you guys back! I heart's one of the places I would move to without many reservations :)

  2. Welcome back and welcome to seitan!

  3. I ate at Blind Faith once with my brother (when he lived in Chicago AND was a vegetarian, both of which have changed.) I remember it as being very good food, but don't remember at all what we had.

    It's the name of a rock group, did you know that? (I think it was a wee bit before your time, that's why I ask.)

  4. Glad you had a good time and it's great to see pics. Thanks for sharing!

  5. The Chicago food looks fabulous!

  6. YAY!!! I am so happy. Whenever i return to my roots (suburban Chicago) i make it a point to stop there. I am VERY glad you had such a winning experience at Blind Faith Cafe. I can wear my tie-dye t-shirt with their name emblazoned on it with even MORE pride now!

    Glad to see you two back!!! WELCOME BACK HOME!

  7. Done traveling for a while? It is nice to have you home. Now, we just wait for mom and dad to make it home safe :)

  8. Wow, I've been bad about replying to comments. I guess I've been trying to stay away from the computer.

    Jeff - we absolutely love Chicago too now that we've been there with a car! Last few times have been for into the office, taxi to the bar, taxi to the airport - that's it.

    Taylor - thx - welcome back to you too!

    Kalyn - responded on your site :)

    Annie & Dori - thanks!!

    Kleo - thanks for the welcome back. Tie dyed t-shirt? Wear it with pride!!

    Rach - whew - love traveling, but sometimes do a little too much of it.


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