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Friday, July 7, 2006

Atlanta Eats

Whew, we're home! We had a great trip, Ryan worked very hard and Atlanta is HOT! While we were there, we had a chance to check out a few cool restaurants and I'll highlight a couple here.

Saturday night we headed out to Twist in the Buckhead area. Twist is a sushi and tapas restaurant and it is pretty big - they have a sushi bar, private dining rooms, a patio, and a main room where a DJ plays. The DJ was spinning some great music - all of our favorite artists and their influencers. Ryan and I started with some fun martinis - his was Chocolate Cherry with maraschino juice, white chocolate vodka and cherry liqueur.

Mine was a Margarita-like martini with orange and lime juice, Jose Cuervo, Grand Marnier and a sugar rim (very different for me since I'm a total salt fan!)

We love sushi, but won't order it just anywhere and this place looked and smelled right. We started with the Sinatra which was tuna, yellowtail, eel, cream cheese, asparagus, and Jimmy's sauce. The outside rice of the roll was flash-fried which added an awesome crunch to the sushi. This was our absolute favorite!

Next we had a tapas selection of Queso Fresco with Chorizo and Poblano. It was served as a dip with fried flour tortilla chips on the side. It rocked! It reminded me of something I've had before, but I can't pinpoint it.

We ended with a couple other sushi orders. Ryan tried some Red Snapper Nigri. He has never had nigri, but liked it. Since it is just a piece of fish on rice, it isn't as exciting as some of the maki selections.

We also tried the Twist Special upon recommendation from our server. This was snow crab, avocado, and asparagus, topped with eel and fresh salmon. Ryan gobbled it up, but I think I had too much to eat and drink already that I could only get one piece down.

Another exciting thing about this restaurant was their sake selection. They even had Sparkling Sake...I never knew it existed!! Of course we ordered it and of course it was awesome! Now I have to find it online and ship it to our house.

Oh, and one final cool thing about Twist...all the employees had shirts that corresponded to their role at the restaurant. All shirts had the word "UP" on the back. On the front the servers had "EAT", the bartenders had "DRINK" and the bus-staff had "CLEAN" - how cool!

Monday night we headed to Joey's Latin Grill in Midtown and lucky us, it was salsa night! It was a small place and we got a booth right next to the dance floor. We were totally amazed at this place. I ordered fajitas and Ryan ordered a spinach enchilada - both of which were very tasty. We also tried their Red Apple Margaritas and they were awesome - I am a traditional margarita lover so I was surprised that I liked this one so much.

Now, Ryan and I contemplated going on the dance floor, but there seemed to not be any amateurs dancing - I swear they were all professionals! We couldn't believe how good everyone was. Ryan and I have taken dance lessons with a small segment in salsa dancing, but we didn't learn all these spins and turns and stuff. Wow! We were really surprised to find such great Latin dancers in Atlanta of all places!

For the 4th of July, we went to Decatur for shopping and took a taxi to the DeKalb Farmer's Market upon high recommendation from Taylor. This place was so cool - it was like a huge grocery store with all the products I'd want. We bought a few things:

Steen's Pure Cane Syrup
organic Sake
organic cashews

Ryan and I had fun just walking up and down the veggie aisles looking at all the items we've heard of, but never seen. No pictures were allowed, sorry! I would have loved to rent a condo for a couple weeks so I could make use of all the produce. It's like having your Asian market, Indian store, Mexican market, and American organic market all under one roof. Very cool.

We ate at the Brick Store Pub and it was showing the World Cup match - Italy vs. Germany, so the bar area was packed! Ryan was very impressed with their extensive beer selection and that their side salad wasn't just iceberg or romaine lettuce; it was actually a true mixed greens salad with fresh tomatoes, golden raisins, and sunflower seeds. Yum!

We are glad to back home now and making some home cooked meals. More posts to come soon before we take off for yet another stop: Chicago.


  1. Oh man..I would so partay with you two...those drinks look so foo foo I LOVE IT!! :D

  2. Yummy all that food looks soo good! and it seems like you had such a good time well you both were there besides all that super hot heat! It would have been better if there was at least a small brezzz or something!

  3. Welcome home

    the sushi looks gooodd!! i had a MEAN sushi addiction for a long time. you're tempting me. hehehe


    ps i just got home too!

  4. Jeff - love the foo foo drinks! Ryan typically drinks beer or wine, but he couldn't resist their martini list.

    Jill - Sweatlanta :) :)

    Kleopatra - thanks for the welcome back!!

    Teddy - welcome back to you too. Sorry to tempt you with the sushi. We're working on cutting out the animal products, but it's tough on vaca!!

  5. I love hearing about your adventures. If you order any of that sparkling sake, you'll have to let me get some with your order. I would love to try it.
    The sushi reminds me of the night we went to Tiger Sushi. Some things you just eat without really looking at so that your eyes don't keep you from eating it!

    Love You Both,


  6. Glad you made it to the market and enjoyed it. They don't call it Hotlanta for nothing!

  7. All this food looks great! I am so glad you two are home :)


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